MSM’s Poor Attempt: Biden’s Support for Police Officers

Biden Trump BLM riot police

The left-wing media is desperately trying to paint Joe Biden as the populist candidate who won in a historic landslide victory with 80 million votes. But the truth is, President Trump is the people’s champ who also gets massive support from police unions.

Military and police support Donald Trump

In 2019, then presidential candidate Joe Biden visited an injured police officer in Houston Texas. It was a kind gesture, although the timing makes it seem more like a political stunt than an act of kindness. Regardless, Donald Trump won the overwhelming support of America’s military and law enforcement.

The United States’ largest police union endorsed President Donald Trump’s re-election bid, boosting the Republican’s message that he is the candidate of “law and order” amid large-scale rioting across the country.

The Fraternal Order of Police, which has more than 355,000 members nationally, said Trump had shown his support and understanding for law enforcement officers facing civil unrest around the country in recent months.

“The FOP is proud to endorse a candidate who calls for law and order across our nation,” Patrick Yoes, the union’s national president, said in a statement.

Joe Biden says cops have “become the enemy”

Trump solidified his position as the “law and order” candidate prior to the election, while Biden continually tried to shift the focus back to Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump warned Americans that a Biden presidency would lead to more lawlessness from BLM and Antifa, which we’re seeing unfold now from NYC to Portland.

Trump has been a huge supporter of police and military for long before he even began his career in politics. That support continues now even though he’s out of office. Just a few weeks ago Donald Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel posted a video that showed the hotel serving as a rest area for local police officers.


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