Mother Knifes Herself Moments After Doing THIS to Her 5 Year Old Son


There is no question that West Philadelphia has seen its share of violent stories. One of the latest ones is very disturbing, to say the least.

It seems that a young mother had a psychotic break and allegedly knifes herself after BRUTALLY STABBING AND DROWNING her five-year-old son in the bathtub.

After that terrible act, she made a suicidal gesture and tried to knife herself. The mother is now in custody after she did this terrible attack on Monday, October 12th.

This gruesome Monday evening incident took place at an apartment complex. Apparently, the father of the child was the first person to have stumbled upon this tragedy.

He found his wife with some disturbing stab wounds on her wrist, and now the police believe that this was self-inflicted.

Not soon afterwards, the father discovered that his son was lying face down in a bathtub filled with water and he had a large, superficial laceration on his neck.

They ended up rushing the child to the hospital and they even performed CPR on him before he left. However, it was all for not because the young boy was pronounced dead not long after he reached the hospital.


Of course, they also took the mother to the hospital because of the injuries she incurred in her suicidal gesture.

However, you can rest assured that she is going to receive an appropriate punishment for how she treated her poor child and for fostering this tragedy. Even after she recovers from her injuries, she is going to continue to remain in custody.

What would compel someone to commit this terrible act against their son, which is their own flesh and blood? What would cause someone to do this?

Well, part of the reason is because the authorities believe that this woman has some rather disturbing mental health issues. Either way, what do YOU think about this terrible episode?

How should we treat someone who knifes herself after doing something like this to their baby? Feel free to comment below on this sobering issue…


  1. Sadly, some women, and, suffer mental breakdowns and harm their children. Often their condition is known but help never arrives. Our mental health system needs to be strengthened and improved.

  2. No excuse. If you’re mental, call a babysitter and go for a walk. Otherwise, be truthful to your husband/boyfriend before you all decide to have sex. Have your tubes tied; don’t have babies.


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