More Proof of ‘The Steal’ is Out, HERE is What we Know


Even more proof is piling up every day that the 2020 election was a “steal.” It may not be conclusive but the latest Arizona audit results disclosed to their state Senate shine the glaring light of transparency on some troubling discrepancies.

The proof is piling up

Once and Future President Donald Trump issued a formal statement from his seat of government exile in Florida. When he heard the latest results from the Arizona Senate Hearing about the ongoing audit he declared, “there was no victory for Biden.”

He has good reason to declare that. The Epoch times is convinced that the fraud proof is crystal clear. Senators were told at the hearing, they write, there were “74,243 mail-in ballots” counted. The big problem is that there is “no clear record of them being sent.”

For true election integrity, there should be verifiable proof that more ballots are mailed than come back. Under no circumstances should more come back than were mailed out.

In this case, it’s impossible to tell because nobody knows how many were mailed in the first place. That makes the whole lot of them suspicious. Zero were sent and almost 75K came back. Interesting. That’s not the end of it.

Our Deplorable-in-Chief also pointed out that auditors also “found 18,000 people who had voted but whose names were removed from the voter rolls ‘soon after the election.'”

For instance, forensic auditor Doug Logan gave detailed testimony to the Senators that “11,326 people did not appear to have been registered to vote as of Nov. 7, 2020” He has proof showing that, in the four days following the election, their names had magically disappeared from registration records. Just as mysteriously, they reappeared “on the voter rolls on Dec. 4, 2020.”


Maybe next time

Then, there were “3,981 people who voted after registering after Oct. 15, 2020.” That’s significant because they missed the deadline so never should have seen a ballot.

The auditors don’t need to show any more proof than that to have those votes removed from the count. Too bad it’s too late. We can try to keep it from happening again though, if the Democrats don’t manage to prevent it.

Another thing that Donald Trump is rightfully concerned about is, as he wrote in his statement, “They [auditors] also revealed that the voting system was breached or hacked (by who?). Very big printer and ballot problems with different paper used, etc., and MUCH MORE.”

Joe Biden didn’t “win” Arizona by much. When the dust settled, his “margin of victory in Arizona was 10,457 votes, or 0.31% of the vote, so these questionable votes could easily have swung the result.” The proof keeps piling up but nobody seems interested in doing anything about it. Probably because the ones in charge like it that way.

American Thinker agrees with George Walsh that even with all the proof in the world, nothing will happen. Walsh wrote, “actually rectifying this and other possible frauds by removing Biden from office, should conclusive evidence be uncovered, will be impossible on a practical level.”

However, “demonstrating that the election was stolen will help stall Democrats’ efforts to repeat their steal in 2022 and 2024 and will provoke voter reactions, even with the entirely predictable media cover-up efforts.”