More Hunter Biden Info Drips Out of the Swamp

Hunter Biden Info
Hunter Biden Info

There is some more Hunter Biden info that is slithering out of the D.C. swamp. It’s like that 1968 T.V. movie The Curse of the Swamp Creature,

Except the main problem with that 1968 classic and this current situation is that unfortunately, this problem is not just make-believe, but real life.

Apparently, a colleague of then-Vice President Biden’s son Hunter arranged a visit of some important Chinese businessman in the White House. That’s not the story, however. You see, it is looking increasingly evident that this colleague has mob connections.

A couple of Septembers ago, there was a report that was produced that showed that Hunter Biden had indeed brought Chinese officials into the White House in 2011 while Biden was still vice president.

Evidence is now mounting that former Vice President Biden knew that this man-child he calls his son was not only profiting from this powerful perch in government but that Biden himself might have profited as well.

This is a new story of Biden family corruption that has emerged, and this is actually independent of the New York Post bombshell regarding the emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Breitbart News editor and president of the Government Accountability Institute Peter Schweizer broke the news last Friday that Hunter Biden and his associates had arranged a White House meeting for these Chinese business leaders and prominent members of the Chinese communist party. This visit would also include a meeting with Vice President Biden himself.

This article went on to discuss an individual named Gary Fears who was originally connected to Hunter Biden and helped to arrange the White House meeting with Joe Biden and these Chinese officials. Apparently, Fears is the one with the mob connections because he is alleged to have been the leader of the Sicilian La Cosa Nostra crime family. This Hunter Biden info is definitely not a good look to say the least.