Mitt Romney Gets Completely Humiliated by Trump

Bad news for Mitt Romney in latest poll.

mitt Romney

Trump’s archenemy within the party, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), just got some news that could lead to the end of his career.

On Wednesday, a new Rasmussen poll was released that showed more Americans like Trump’s Republican party over the version Senator Mitt Romney is trying to sell.

Two-Faced Romney

To understand how satisfying this is for Trump, we have to backtrack the origins of this relationship.

When Mitt Romney ran against Barack Obama, Trump was a big supporter of his.

After the election was lost, however, Trump was very outspoken that he thought Romney basically quit during the election season, handing the presidency to Obama.

When Trump announced, Romney was clearly still upset, and he openly went after Trump, supporting virtually every candidate in the race to try to defeat Trump.

The funny thing about it all, though, was that every time Romney endorsed someone, their campaign went right down the drain.

Fast-forward to post-election and Romney came back to Trump with his tail between his legs in order to get the Secretary of State position.

When Trump decided not to use him, Romney went into attack mode again and has remained there ever since.

The Poll

Trump not only beat Romney in the poll, he absolutely also buried him.

Trump’s Republican party received 63 percent of the vote to Romney’s 30.

Now, the poll was conducted prior to Romney calling out Trump’s Ukraine call, so those percentages more than likely are now more in favor of Trump.

It was also conducted before Romney’s extra Twitter account was revealed.

We found out Romney has his official accounts and up until recently, a secret account he was using to troll Trump and criticize him over public policy.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but is that not what Democrats were accusing the Russians of doing?

By using a bogus account and openly criticizing Trump, Romney must have violated some type of ethics clause, right?

Would that not be considered election interference?

Trump may be rough around the edges, but he is not a member of the establishment, which Mitt Romney clearly is.

Romney’s numbers are dipping across the board, his approval ratings are down, and there are several movements in play right now to have him removed from office.

It is safe to say the Republican Party of Mitt Romney is dead… long live MAGA!



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