Mitch McConnell Sends Urgent Warning to President Trump

Mitch McConnell and President Trump

Over the last couple of weeks, Democrats have ramped up their efforts to impeach Trump.

As they continue to push the quid pro quo narrative to gain support in the House, Senator McConnell (R-KY) has sent Trump an urgent warning.

According to reports, McConnell told the President to avoid getting into one-on-one battles against individual Senators.

Don’t Alienate Your Jurors

If the impeachment manages to pass the House, it will head over to the Senate.

In order for an impeachment to be successful in the Senate, it will need a supermajority to pass, or two-thirds of the Senators in office.

Rather than go on the attack, which Trump has already done with Senator Romney (R-UT), McConnell is urging the President to talk to them all one-on-one to discuss the most important issues for each individual Senator.

By helping these Senators push through legislation that is important to them and their constituents, Trump can begin to win over Senators on both sides of the aisle to assure himself of not being removed from office.

The Silver Lining

Believe it or not, there is a silver lining to all of this IF Trump does get impeached in the House.

During an impeachment trial, every Senator is required to be in attendance.

With estimates ranging from six to eight weeks, assuming the House puts this to a vote before the end of the year, that would mean most of January and February would require Senate attendance to be 100 percent.

And, yes, that also includes the six Senators currently running for the presidency.

By law, they would be required to be in session rather than out on the campaign trail.

This would effectively end the campaigns of two of the frontrunners, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

If that happens, it would put Biden and Buttigieg in the catbird seats for the primary.

This would also create a major divide in the party as these candidates would more than likely look at the timing of events to say their campaigns were being sabotaged by Pelosi to ensure Biden won the primary.

While they shred each other to pieces, we can all just sit back and watch Trump’s support grow.  

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