Missing Woman found 40 miles from Where She Had Last Been Seen, Her Story is Now Viral News

Missing Woman
Missing Woman

A missing woman was found 40 miles from where she was last seen, and you will be TOTALLY SHOCKED at the reason why this occurred!

It was in a bizarre story out of Argentina where this mysterious story takes place. Apparently, this woman not only went missing and was found at least 40 miles from where she was last seen, but she then told the local police that her disappearance was precipitated by her sighting a strange bright light. Perhaps not surprisingly, this has led some to believe that what she saw was a UFO.

A local media report described how the very curious case had begun on that previous Monday morning when the unnamed woman went missing near the town of Cuatro Esquinas. She was ultimately reported missing, and then she was the subject of a lengthy search. However, it didn’t take long for the local police to zero in on an area where they eventually found the disoriented woman the very next day and that is when they discovered that she had quite the story to tell.

First, she was unable to speak as a result of the puzzling incident, but then she proceeded to write a message explaining that she had been out on the patio after hearing a strange noise emanating from her yard and she spotted an inexplicable white light. Amazingly, the woman claimed that a few hours later, she woke up about a forty-minute drive on the side of the road in the community where the authorities would find her.

Of course, one of the main reasons they knew where to look for her is because once she reappeared she made a number of odd phone calls to friends and family. During these phone calls, she said nothing, but the individuals she called could hear a strange buzzing noise. Luckily, the witness has now regained her ability to speak and she is now recovering in a local hospital. She is yet to give any further details about this strange experience.

If you want to add yet another layer of intrigue to this case, there was also a report of a witness coming forward noting that they had spotted an inordinately bright light from an object in the sky that seemed out of place. Interestingly enough, this extra sighting occurred a few hours after the first woman went missing, so these extraterrestrials were definitely lurking, to say the least.

As one might imagine, this odd account has piqued the interest of UFO researchers in Argentina even though they are not jumping to conclusions regarding the matter. Researcher Oscar “Quique” Mario was quick to note that even though the missing woman seemed to be instantaneously teleported over 40 miles, neither she nor her clothes were any worse for the wear, suggesting that no, she didn’t walk, nor did she hitchhike.