Minneapolis Turns Into a War Zone Over the Weekend


The streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, erupted into a war zone this weekend giving the city that plans to scrap their entire police department a taste of the anarchy they’re asking for. Peaceful protesters shot an even dozen of their own, proving how much black lives really matter.

Hennepin Avenue becomes a war zone

According to CNN, the shooting “melee” that “took place on Hennepin Avenue South, in a district of the city already rocked by protests and riots,” left one person dead and 11 more wounded. Police in the Minneapolis war zone “say they have not made an arrest.” They probably aren’t working real hard to make one either, since they’re considered so useless they’re about to be disbanded.

Witnesses relate that “Hennepin Avenue South was also the scene of looting and destruction,” being called peaceful protests. “Some of the same businesses on the street, which had just finished repairing damage from last month, are now left with shattered windows from the shooting.”

At least two separate factions of anarchists battled each other just after midnight. The gunfight “continued up the block” until the two groups disappeared into the night.” At the end of the peaceful demonstration, one body was surrounded by countless shells from “at least three different weapons.”

Eliminate the police ‘altogether’

Even though city officials are, according to CNN, “doing their best to eliminate law enforcement in the city altogether,” police officers did respond. “Small crowds of people gathered, with some crouched over victims lying on the pavement before police officers on bicycles showed up to attend to them.”

The war raging along Hennepin Avenue was caught on social media. “Screams were audible on a live video posted to Facebook that showed the aftermath at the scene.” The local neighbors were horrified. Blood splattered from the victims was visible in the video after the unfortunate anarchists were taken away, “some via ambulance and others in private vehicles, according to the police release.”

The city recently voted unanimously to “defund” and “disband” the Minneapolis Police Department so they can shift the money into “social services aimed at poverty and crime prevention.” According to the head of the city council, any neighborhood concerns “about burglary and theft were borne from ‘white privilege.'” This war in the streets is simply an expression of solidarity for George Floyd and nothing to worry about.


  1. If they keep on voting for democrats to be there elected officials then they must enjoy the killings and Murders. If they are too Stupid to stop voting for democrats then let them enjoy the the fighting and Killings. Its there choice. Year after Year Decade after Decade,they keep on voting for democrats to be in charge so they must Love that Life Style or they would stop voting for democrats to be in Charge

  2. The function of any government is the protection of citizen’s rights to life, liberty and (property)-usually referred to as the pursuit of happiness. The mechanism which does the actual protection is embodied in the police department. If a city or state defunds the police, they are no longer capable of protecting anything and then, by definition, there is no longer any reason for having that government. If the government eliminates the police by stopping funding, the people should eliminate that government by cutting it’s funding. A person has an absolute right to protection, so if the legal protection goes away, the people have no choice but to buy weapons for self protection or hiring a mercenary to protect them (a return to the wild west).

  3. The “Twilight Zone” series couldn’t have come up with an episode as far from reality as what we’re experiencing from the world the Leftards have created today!

  4. Let her rip and let God sort them out. Let’s see just how much Black Lives Matter. They don’t in Chicago….this weekend they killed 14 and wounded 104……….one last night was a wounded 3 year old. Guess those lives don’t matter at least to BLM………I’m sure the parents and relatives of the dead and wounded care.


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