Mike Pence Stuns EVERYONE, Spills the Beans About Ukraine

Mike Pence-2

Over the last few days, Democrats have been trying to implicate Vice President Mike Pence on the alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine.

If they are able to do that, they can impeach both Trump and Pence, thereby putting Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office.

Pence, however, is starting to push back, saying that in NO WAY did he or Trump ever hold the aid up for a quid pro quo investigation.

Speaking Out

Pence does not make public statements like this very often.

So, when he does, people tend to sit up and take notice.

Pence appeared with Trish Regan on Fox Business to set the record straight.

Regan asked Pence, “Did you say to him [Zelensky], the money is contingent upon you offering something up in the way of a statement, whatever it may be, on how you are handling corruption?” 


Pence replied, “Oh, of course not, no.

“Our focus entirely in the meeting I took with President Zelensky … was entirely focused on our support for the integrity and security of Ukraine.”


Holding Ukraine Accountable

So, what was the delay in the military funding all about.

Well, it was a rather remarkable concept of simply holding the new president accountable for his platform.

Zelensky ran and won big on promising the people of Ukraine he would clean up the corruption inside the government.

Prior to sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, the President wanted some assurances that Zelensky was actually delivering on his promise to clean up his own government.

The ask by Trump was a completely separate issue aimed at investigating possible corruption in our own government and election system, of which he made no demand of or asked for anything in return.

I can assure you, if Obama had made a similar ask and there was an alleged corrupt Republican at the heart of it all, the media never would have blinked an eye.


  1. Biden was the only corrupt u s. Politician to pull a guide pro quo with Ukraine because they were investigating the same corrupt energy company that Biden son was on its board….remember Biden said unless you fire the person investigating you will not get the billion dollars.


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