Mike Pence Stuns EVERYONE, Spills the Beans About Ukraine

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Over the last few days, Democrats have been trying to implicate Vice President Mike Pence on the alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine.

If they are able to do that, they can impeach both Trump and Pence, thereby putting Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office.

Pence, however, is starting to push back, saying that in NO WAY did he or Trump ever hold the aid up for a quid pro quo investigation.

Speaking Out

Pence does not make public statements like this very often.

So, when he does, people tend to sit up and take notice.

Pence appeared with Trish Regan on Fox Business to set the record straight.

Regan asked Pence, “Did you say to him [Zelensky], the money is contingent upon you offering something up in the way of a statement, whatever it may be, on how you are handling corruption?” 

Pence replied, “Oh, of course not, no.

“Our focus entirely in the meeting I took with President Zelensky … was entirely focused on our support for the integrity and security of Ukraine.”


Holding Ukraine Accountable

So, what was the delay in the military funding all about.

Well, it was a rather remarkable concept of simply holding the new president accountable for his platform.

Zelensky ran and won big on promising the people of Ukraine he would clean up the corruption inside the government.

Prior to sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, the President wanted some assurances that Zelensky was actually delivering on his promise to clean up his own government.

The ask by Trump was a completely separate issue aimed at investigating possible corruption in our own government and election system, of which he made no demand of or asked for anything in return.

I can assure you, if Obama had made a similar ask and there was an alleged corrupt Republican at the heart of it all, the media never would have blinked an eye.


  1. We believe you, Pres Trump and VP Pence! God bless and keep you! TRUMP and PENCE and REPUBLICANS 2020! Rah! Rah! Rah! Down with the Leftists, Demonrats, MSM, Hollywood Establishment and the Deep State!

  2. Now some must be completely ignorant of what constitutes a quid pro quo, now you in no way have to spell out the details of what you want to make it a quid pro quo. There are many in prison over the years for the same offence and it was only implied lik it was with Trump’s call. Now look at teh wording of the part that Trump released which is not the entire call and in that possibly a first year law student could get a conviction with an open minded jury. It is not always what is said it is how it was worded and in what part of the conversation. Now when most of the Republican Senators who passed judgement on Trump said he was guilty but they would not remove him from office. Now that says a lot aboutt he entire thing.

    • If you would but study government of the country you live in you would know that all of that aid that is given away is by law contingent upon countries doing the best job they can at eliminating corruption so that American dollars do not go to corrupt places. That aid is funneled through the executive department and it is the president that is the head of the executive department and so therefore it is imperative that they make sure that countries are keeping their promise about stopping corruption. There for President Trump broke no laws he merely did his job and the media and the Democrats have been able to confuse the ignorant in America that have no idea how their government is run but simply believe whatever the talking heads on the television tell them. It was a term back in the 70s the dumbing-down of America you are illustrating how well they have done.

    • Another anti Trumper. How Biden is the poster boy for a quid pro quo. However a biased dolt like you doesn’t see it. Protect Dems at all costs. Trump is obligated by his position as POTUS to look into all corruption rather foreign or domestic. Joe Biden and Hunter are corrupt and Joe sold his office as VPOTUS to both Ukraine and China. When will they be charged and jailed??? Hmmm. The silence is deafening from the left.

    • You are full of feculent discharge. Your diatribe is less than below average and you should go back to some sort of learning facility to study reading. You should, also learn comprehension. Twisting the words to meet your hateful agenda is morbidly criminal. read the WORDS and not your dyslexic communist lying moronic emotions. MORON.

    • ….@robert… i was literally SQUINTING and reading your post outloud to myself and it still was incomprehensible … please, proof read before you post so that you do indeed say what you THINK you are saying…. having posted this, i do not know what point you were trying to make….

  3. The crooked media needs to come clean and stop reporting the lies of the Democrats as if there was any truth to any of what they say! Anderson Cooper, Chuck Todd, and on and on couldn’t report the truth if they knew it There are no truthful Democrats left in our midst! The senators lie at every opportunity. The representatives won’t even come to the congressional offices. They are all deplorable and worthless. The Democrat run for presidency is a farce. Nothing they are pushing has anything to do with representing the interests of Americans.

  4. Same old demoncratics, can’t win legally so they try all attempts to do so otherwise. Appears to me as though they need to clean up their own party, then do what is necessary for others. The demon party members, especially all the long-term in the government don’t want to slow down abusing their opponents because they are afraid the truth will surface concerning their involvement with china. Once corrupt, always corrupt, this is their slogan. When a group is so corrupt that they fail to clean up their own house, a person can rest assured things are really bad. Attack and divert without any integrity, sounds just like the liberal demos doesn’t it?

  5. After the last 3+ years of whining, screaming, kicking, lying, stealing, and sand bagging the Hipocrats leave not one ounce of credibility to their party and therefore nothing they say can be taken at face value.
    If I were King I would round all of them up and send them to a sanitarium to be evaluated and vetted before releasing them into the general public but never to hold office again even in the PTA. jwstx

  6. hey, seriously? listen, if you can’t post ANYTHING i write… i get it… i’m gone… i’ll make sure you go into my spam folder….

  7. HA, i got another… waiting moderation …. to say bye!! lol…you’ve REALLY got to up your game/presence if you want to stay relevant… this moderation shit is off putting…. and for neophytes…. good luck to you

  8. Now if this is so right as some seem to want to push, then why exactly has Trump not declassified that phone call, which he has every right to do, being he classified it to start with, and why was it stored in a vault with the most top secret things about this USA, not even where any other phone calls with World leaders were stored. Now Trump being the Narcissist he is if the phone call was so perfect he would have already shown it to everyone to prove nothing was done wrong. The bottom line is that no one except Trump’s hard core supporters believe the phone call was an y thing but a, ” I want you to do me a favor and investigate or say you are going to investigate Biden and his son and we will get your money to you quickly.” now all that aside, Trump violate the Federal Law, by not informing Congress that he was with holding money that Congress had allotted to Ukraine, now that Impoundment Control act says any President must inform Congress with the reason and length of time the money will be with held, which was never done by Trump.


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