Mike Pence Announces HUGE Victory in Turkey

Against all odds, Mike Pence comes through for President Trump.

Mike Pence

While Nancy Pelosi was throwing a hissy fit during her meeting with Trump, Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were headed to Turkey to find a peaceful solution to the attacks in Syria.

Less than 24 hours later, Mike Pence announced Turkey has agreed to a 5-day pause in military operations, pending a permanent ceasefire by Turkish forces.

Huge Win for Trump

Democrats and the media have doubted Trump’s strategy in Syria.

The agreement by Pence is going to put a lot of egg on a lot of people’s faces.

On the agreement, Pence stated, “It will be a pause in military operations for 120 hours while the United States facilitates the withdrawal of the YPG from the affected areas in the safe zone. And once that is completed, Turkey has agreed to a permanent cease-fire.”

According to Pence, the withdrawal of YPG fighters has already started.

Pence was very happy to be able to broker this deal on behalf of President Trump.

He stated, “The agreement today, first, ends the violence, which is what President Trump sent us here to do.

“We have also achieved an opportunity, by working with YPG to move out of the area, to create more peace and security and stability in that buffer zone.” 

He later added, “I spoke to President Trump just a few moments ago. And I know the president is very grateful for President Erdogan’s willingness to step forward, to enact this cease-fire, and to give an opportunity for a peaceful solution to this conflict that commenced one week ago.”

Take That, Doubters!

Virtually every politician in office doubted Trump’s strategy on this.

Trump vowed to keep peace in the area and said he would do so without putting our forces in any further danger.

President Trump started the process by announcing crippling sanctions against Turkey, then he sent Pence over to bat cleanup.

Turkey knew if the sanctions stayed in place, the country would be ruined, so now we get peace and Turkey gets the sanctions removed as soon as the cease-fire is permanently in place.

You can say what you want about Trump’s approach, but it seems to work far more often than not.

This is not only going to put egg on the face of Democrats but also Republicans like Senators Graham and McConnell who openly opposed Trump’s troop withdrawal from the area.

Hell, the House even passed bipartisan legislation to block this move by Trump, and now his administration has brokered outright peace in the area.

This should be cause for celebration, but you better believe Democrats will find a way to spin this otherwise because Pelosi and company look completely ridiculous now for both the passage of that legislation and their staged walkout on Wednesday’s meeting.

All I can say is one thing… #MAGA!


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