Michigan Worker Admits!

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One Michigan Democrat is coming clean about his election fraud. A proud Communist in Detroit is claiming he threw away tens of thousands of Trump votes and his coworkers did the same. Did Biden win Michigan due to voter fraud?

More Michigan voter fraud

Kiel Fauxton is a proud Marxist whose facebook account lists his employer as “The Democratic Party.” In a recent post he bragged about taking part in a massive voter fraud scheme. “Time to come clean. I work for Wayne County, MI and I threw out every Trump ballot I saw. Tens of thousands of them, and so did all of my coworkers.”

One facebook user was disgusted with the comment, posting “Fair election work from a self proclaimed Marxist.” To which Kiel Fauxton replied, “Why do they always say ‘self proclaimed Marxist’ you can just say Marxist.” Kiel Fauxton is quite the character. He has multiple facebook accounts, one of which displaying a photo of him holding an AK-47 in front of a Communist flag.

Since the post went viral, Fauxton has deleted his facebook accounts and started reaching out to news outlets to try and clear his name.

He emailed the site 100PercentFedUp.com and said, “I am humbly asking you to please update this. It was a joke for my few followers, I never intended to deceive anyone. I’ve never been a ballot counter. I made a big mistake and wish I could undo it. Thank you.”

Michigan Voter fraud Democrat election Trump

Republicans demand recount

Was this just a sick joke or did this 32-year-old Communist Democrat really take part in a massive voter fraud scam?

The truth will be revealed soon. Trump has vowed to investigate instances of voter fraud in multiple battleground states. Michigan voted for Trump in 2016, just barely beating Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes.

This year Biden won it by 164,123. Did the people of Michigan turn against Trump? Or is voter fraud to blame? There’s been multiple reports of voting machine software flipping traditionally red counties blue.

Dead people voting with absentee ballots and late mail-in ballots being postmarked before election day. Trump is vowing to investigate all of these claims.


  1. Seriously a little common sense and logic would reveal that theirs no way a someone who seldom left their basement and campaigned , and when he did couldn’t get 50/100 people to attend fairly beat the president who drew thousands at every rally with trump trains 90 miles long! Seriously if you believe Biden won your deceived or knowingly a socialist / communist

  2. Arrest this clown & make him start talking. Even if he’s innocent, he should get some jail time just for being a fool.


  3. Declare the election results null & void, and award the Presidency to Donald Trump. Evidence is overwhelming, and as it was pointed out by another reader, How can a man who lived in his basement, and only comes out to hold a rally where not even 100 people show up, beat Donal Trump, who’s rally’s are attended by thousands of people. It is clear, ballots were being manipulated, witnesses are coming forward, more every day

  4. Biden said before the election that they had the best fraud set up to steal the election from Trump. I have the picture with him saying it and I heard him say it.

  5. When a person gets caught they start saying it is a joke. This election is NO joking matter, this is a matter of life and death. When someone smashes his thumb and a swear word comes out of his mouth, and someone standing next to him, he didn’t want them to know he use swear words, he says I didn’t mean to say that, but he did because it was in his heart. Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” So what is really in your heart comes out first, then the coverup.

  6. Since the MORON MEDIA is the RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps they will NEVER tell the TRUTH. See the WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER all Democraps have instead of BRAINS will explode if a Democrap willingly and a knowingly tells the TRUTH.

  7. There was on place in Michigan were a County official was reported to have lost be a check of the Voting machine showed it double counted Democrapic votes and in FACT the Republican won by 1,100 votes. Now if this happened and most of the State used same software so I wonder just how many times Democrapic votes were counted double and they did nothing to correct the ERROR.


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