Michelle Faces Backlash over Her Inappropriate ‘Weekend Outfit’


Michelle Obama and her eldest daughter Malia were truly something to see as they stepped out in swimsuits as they caught the sights in Miami Beach over the weekend.

They were seen last Saturday walking along Miami Beach complete with several friends, such as former Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and some Secret Service personnel. 

The 53-year-old former first lady was clad in a white bikini top with matching high-waist pants, and she was walking on the sand barefoot and holding her shoes in her hands.

Michelle also had on a long white blouse that covered up her swimsuit, along with a bandanna and large gold hoop earrings. 

Malia had on a tan hoodie along with an iPhone, charger, and her sneakers in one hand as well. Former President Barack Obama didn’t appear to be with them, so by all indications it was a girl’s only outing.

Malia and Michelle took it easy in Miami Beach, not heading out of town until after they had grabbed some dinner at the noted Prime 112 Steakhouse. 

Needless to say, it didn’t take long before Michelle’s choice of attire invited some serious controversy. 

First of all, people took issue with how she looked. “Wildly inappropriate for her age and who she is,” one person commented.

“Why does she have holes in the white cut-offs? It makes her look like she wasn’t a First Lady but trailer park trash,” another person said. 

“The ripped white shorts!” another social media user exclaimed. “Just looking at this I can’t ever believe she used to be First Lady.” 

“This family simply doesn’t have any class,” another user said. “Thank goodness they no longer represent our country!” 

Still, there were others who jumped to Michelle Obama’s defense. 

“The former First Lady and her family are on holiday….so what? Nothing to see here,” someone said. “She was in the public eye for long enough, now leave her alone,” another person said. 

So, what do YOU think? Did Michelle get too carried away with her outfit, or is this just an overreaction? Do you think that if this WERE MELANIA, instead of MICHELLE, that the Dems would keep quiet? Questions, questions…feel free to leave your comments below! 



  1. If I say what I really think, I would be arrested on the spot. I cannot believe that people were blind enough to elect them twice.

  2. As for her being in the public eye long enough, didn’t she come out with new book, sales must be tanking. This was an attempt to boost sales.

    • We will leave her alone when she and Barrack hide their heads in the sand and leave us alone. You messed with us and our country for 8 long years, now get lost.

  3. he/she/it never had any class to began with so why would you expect her or whatever it is to start showing some now.. and to the complaint by mybelle about Melania not calling her for advice why should a class act, a real lady call something like mybell for advice .. well Melanie could call it for advice of how to act like something off the southside of Chicago walking the streets looking for money…

  4. When she was First Lady, some of her outfits were so inappropriate but the media never commented. One in particular was a metallic jumpsuit she wore to some fund raiser. It was embarrassing to see her.

  5. You know mrs. trumps would really rocked this outfit , to bad obamas wife can’t . She should let the sexy look to the sexy women . She just doesn’t have that look to pull it off . She should stick to long dress’s … real long dress’s …. waiting for the pic of trumps wife beside obamas wife wearing this same outfit . Then we get see who the real sexy one is . Like we don’t know already

  6. She has never been a great dresser and often looked like she was out for a trailer park stroll. Honestly, at least now she looks like she let someone choose her clothes, which is a plus


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