Michael Wear Obama’s Former Religious Adviser Blast Democrats


Micheal Wear A Former Faith Adviser To President Obama Blasts The DNC

Micheal Wear who was President Obama’s father advisor thinks the Democratic National Committee (DNC) welcoming non-believers is stupid. Wear said the new resolution by the DNC is just plain dumb and is more important than politics. Michael said, “I just want to be clear, this is both politically stupid and also stupid on a fundamental level”.

Wear said this matter transcends politics/ Wear also said that the non affiliated religions people are what makes up most of the democratic party. Michael has a book out,’ Reclaiming Hope, Lessons Learned In The Obama White House About the Future Of Faith in America’.

Wear in an interview with Fox News said Democrats have a chance of winning religions voters over. He said that President Trump had lowered the bar to reach conservative religious voters to an unseen point ever before. However he’s singing a different tune after the DNC passed a resolution on Saturday. Now the DNC is saying, ‘the religiously non affiliated beliefs make up the largest segment of the democratic voting pool.

Wear Ran Obama’s Faith Outreach Project For His 2012 Reelection Campaign

Michael Wear focused on Evangelical outreach, and helped Obama on value issues and anti human trafficking laws. In 2016 President Trump easily had the Evangelical voters in his hands.

Democrats in the 2020 election have been trying everything to reach the Evangelical voters. They are pulling out all the stops. Hiring faith advisers for their campaigns, appearing at churches in the farm belt Wear believes the non-believers resolution by the DNC isn’t helpful to anyone.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is responsible for the resolution by the DNC. Wear said that this is the same group that tried to get rid of the ‘National Day of Prayer’. Wear said there are two reasons that white evangelical voters voted for Trump in 2016. White Evangelicals felt, ‘under threat, embattled, and felt their needs weren’t being met’. Michael also said ‘Donald Trump was the only candidate in 2016 that reached out to them’.

Even Controversies During The Campaign Did Not Stop Evangelicals From Voting For Trump

The adviser also said ‘when Clinton ignored this segment of voters, it affirmed to them that Donald Trump would hear them.’The Evangelical voters received Trump’s message that he was the only one that could help them, and save their religious principles’.

Wear believes it was a combination of factors that lead Evangelical voters to Trump. It was perhaps naming Mike Pence as the Vice President. Pence who is known for his deep roots in the Christian faith. Releasing the least of Supreme Court nominees during the campaign, was brilliant Wear thinks.

There were many cultural issues that Trump spoke to, says the anti abortion Democrat. He said Evangelical voters were feeling there wasn’t room for them anymore in Washington. Wear says that when Democrats are in a power for a little while they forget that they need Evangelical voters down the line.



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