Mexico Calls U.S. Possible ‘Danger’ to Its Citizens

Mexican Border
Photo Courtesy of ShashiBellamkonda via Creative Commons License

Cases of coronavirus seem to be rising by the hundreds as of late here in the United States.

Those numbers are going to rise dramatically in the coming days with more tests becoming available.

Ironically, it is now Mexico that is considering closing its borders to the United States for fear the virus could be brought into its country.

Role Reversal

Sending illegal immigrants to our side of the border is fine, but now Mexico seems to be in a bit of a state of panic over the coronavirus and the outbreak here in the States.

So far, Mexico has avoided the large-scale outbreak other countries are experiencing.

They have only reportedly been 26 confirmed cases in Mexico so far, with no deaths reported.

Mexican Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell stated, “If it were technically necessary to consider mechanisms of restriction or stronger surveillance we would have to take into account not that Mexico would bring the virus to the United States, rather than the United States could bring it here.”

At one time, Mexico was mentioned to President Trump, but he stated the lack of cases in Mexico gave the United States no reason to even consider closing the border at this time.

Coronavirus Update

Now that the government has partnered with the private sector, testing kits will be available on a large scale.

Some reports have stated that more than one million kits have already been sent out and there are somewhere around four million more expected to be available very soon.

As these kits are put into play, we are going to see positive cases jump considerably, but that does not mean alarm or panic needs to happen.

Keep in mind, about 60 million people tested positive for H1N1 in 2009-10, but there were only 12,469 deaths.

That happened with no travel restrictions in place and no canceling of public events on a large-scale basis that we have seen this time.

Even so, it is not unreasonable that millions of people will test positive, but it does not change the fact the most susceptible to this virus are the elderly and/or those with underlying health conditions.

Progress is being made regarding treatment and with any luck, we should have something available to us in under two months, with a vaccine available in about 18 months.

Health experts have maintained that most cases for those that are healthy will result in a full recovery.

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  1. This whole virus thing would be a no brainer if the liberals hadn’t tried to weaponize it against Trump just like they tried to scare everyone with a recession.

  2. I get it now. It’s OK for mexico to send very sick people over the border to US, but not for us to send sick people to them? Even if we are just RETURNING the ILLEGALS back to them.

  3. Why do I bother to comment when EVERY post is awaiting moderation but never seems to be approved?

    I guess I’ll just unsubscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • We keep things in moderation for a period of time in order to filter out spammers, and liberal trolls. Please be patient, we always accept comments so long as they do not use excessive cursing, personal attacks, or go against our user agreements. This is for our legal safety and to ward off liberal hacks 😉

  4. GOOD!!! Maybe their people will quit coming into our country illegally. I hope they totally close down their border to human traffic, other than truck drivers etc.

  5. China has NEVER been a friend of or to the US, and NEITHER HAS MEXICO!
    Both nations would love for the US to fail totally.
    Both are too effing stupid to realize that the failure of the US would lead to their own rapid downfall.

  6. Since Mexico is so concerned with the health of it’s citizens, perhaps we could talk them into taking about 22 million of them back. It would also be very helpful if the Mexicans would station hundreds of police officers at the border with the US and keep their citizens from jumping ship to the US. Now that the Mexican immigrants know how much their old country really cared about their health and safety they might just stop coming on their own (but, don’t hold your breath).

  7. I’m all for it Mr. Mexican Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell and let’s keep it up after the virus threat ends.

  8. If anyone should be worried about the “coronavirus” decease it’s Mexico whose country is wide opened to all foreigners waiting to sneak into the United States. Think about that Mexico!

    USAF (RET)


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