Meth Head Turns Stunt Man During Wild Airport Situation


“This is your brain on drugs….” Does anyone remember that commercial? Apparently, a meth head took that to a wild extreme at LAX.

The man was on United Airlines Flight 5365 as it was readying to take off from Los Angeles International Airport on Friday evening.

33-year-old Luis Antonio Victoria Dominguez of La Paz, Mexico, began his rough night by leaning over to the woman sitting next to him and whispering that he was going to try to jump out, the witness said.

“I’m serious,” the woman remembers the meth head telling her.

After scaring the woman half to death, this Dominguez meth head then sprinted to the front of the plane and attempted to enter the cockpit by banging on the door. He was unsuccessful, but then the woman realized that the meth head was truly going to deliver on his promise: he proceeded to jump out an emergency exit door and leaped out of the plane, according to court documents.

Dominguez is facing a 20-year maximum sentence in federal prison simply due to interfering with the flight crew, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office located in California’s Central District.

They filed a complaint regarding the incident on Sunday, but it was not immediately clear whether Mr. Victoria Dominguez had a lawyer on his behalf.


This isn’t the first time that someone has acted like Lee Majors on an airplane field, however. It was only a day before this dangerous behavior from meth head Victoria Dominguez that someone breached the airport fence with a silver hatchback that had “SOS” written on the head. Apparently, he was listening to too much ABBA? But I digress.

Also, earlier this month they charged a man after he attempted to enter the cockpit while the plane was in flight.

This incident from Dominguez was actually several days in the making. According to the complaint, Dominguez originally wanted to go to Salt Lake City and thought about taking the bus to get there. He made his way to a hotel that was near a bus station and smoked a bunch of meth “on and off.”

After Dominguez moved to another hotel downtown, he apparently decided against taking a bus to Salt Lake City and decided he wanted to fly there instead.

Even though he boarded the flight coming down from his meth high, everything was going well for Dominguez until he heard passengers joking that the plane wasn’t actually going to Salt Lake City. That’s when he panicked and tried to get out of the plane and pretend he was a stuntman. Hopefully, he gets some help!