Merry Christmas, You Get a Rushed Vaccine and a Wonderful $600 Slice of the Pie

$600 stimulus check covid bill congress

Congress just passed a massive $900 billion COVID-19 stimulus package. Billions in foreign aid and wasteful spending. Our cut of the pie? Just $600. What a joke!

Americans are not happy with $600 checks

Well they finally did it. For ten months the swamp creatures in Washington DC played partisan politics while the American people starved. Of course, Nancy Pelosi still got her tax payer funded $223,500 check despite the COVID-19 lockdowns decimating the economy. By the way, Pelosi is already the sixth richest member of the House of Representatives, with an estimated net worth of $120 million.

Remember when Pelosi told Americans that the Trump tax cuts were peanuts? Well, now she’s claiming the $600 checks going out to Americans is “substantial.” The stimulus bill will cost $900 billion and less than a third of that will go directly to struggling Americans. So, where’s the rest going? Prepared to be pissed off.

$1.3 billion in aid for Egypt

$700 million in aid for Sudan

$500 million in aid for Israel

$10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan

$330 million for Migrant and Refugee Assistance

$10,000 per person student loan ballot

$100 million to NASA

$20 billion to the failing USPS

$300 million to the Endowment for the Arts

$435 million for mental health support

$30 billion for the Department of Education

$200 million for Safe Schools Emergency Response to Violence Program

$300 million to Public Broadcasting / NPR

$500 million to museums and libraries

$720 million for Social Security administration costs

$25 million for cleaning supplies for the Capital Building. Seriously, it’s on page 136

$7.5 million for the Smithsonian

$35 million for the JFK Center for Performing Arts

$25 million for additional salary for the House of Representatives

$3 billion to upgrade the IT at the VA

$315 billion for State Department Diplomatic Programs

$95 million for the Agency of Internal Development

$300 million for international disaster assistance

$90 million for the Peace Corps

$13 million for Howard University

$9 million for miscellaneous Senate expenses

$100 million for airline carriers

$40 million for the Take Responsibility for Workers and Family Act

$1 billion for the Airlines Save and Recycle Program

$25 million for the FAA for administrative costs

$492 million for National Railroad Passenger Corporation

$526 million for Amtrack

$25 billion for transit infrastructure

$3 million for maritime administration

$90 million for “breastfeeding peer counselors”

$35 billion for “clean energy” projects

The list goes on…

And a $600 check for struggling Americans 

This bill is a slap in the face of every American and both parties are to blame. The Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats for passing this piece of garbage. It’s time to vote them all out of office, drain the swamp, and get some fresh faces in there who will put America first.

COVID vaccine rolling out

Meanwhile the COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out across America. Nurses and other front line workers are getting the vaccine first. Next will be high risk individuals such as the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. Sleepy Joe Biden got his shot too.

“I’m ready,” said Biden, who was administered the dose at a hospital in Newark, Delaware. “I’m doing this to demonstrate that people should be prepared when it’s available to take the vaccine. There’s nothing to worry about.” Will you be getting your shot?


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