Media Remained Silent After Armed Muslim Stormed Local Church

Photo via KLTV Video Screenshot

Rasheed Abdul Aziz was a man on a mission.

Unfortunately for Corinth Missionary Baptist Church and for the residents of sleepy little Bullard, Texas, his mission wasn’t very noble, to say the least. 

When Abdul Aziz stormed this church, he was going there to “slay infidels” and he had a loaded gun to prove it. 

However, due to some quick thinking from Pastor Johnson, he was able to avert a disaster from occurring within his congregation. 

“When I saw that he had a gun, I knew I had to do something and try to be as diplomatic as possible,” Reverend Johnson said. “We have many kids in particular who enjoy coming to this church.” 

The first thing that Pastor Johnson did when this confronted him and others in the church’s conference room was to quickly mouth to the people around him that “this man is carrying a weapon…you guys should leave now.” 

Even though all of his associates complied and Brother Johnson kept the man busy, he knew that he still wasn’t out of the woods. 

One of the things that this Jihadist said almost immediately was that people that day were going to die.

However, during the course of that 5-minute conversation, Pastor Johnson did everything in his power to keep the man calm. 

To make a long story short, Johnson’s determined plan worked, and it gave the police enough time to show up and apprehend the man. 

While there is no question that praise for the heroism of Brother Johnson is definitely in order, this story actually continues to get stranger from here. 

It was a day after this story unfolded, and church deacon T.J. found a note that Rasheed had left behind, claiming that the church had “helped him in a time of need” and that the facility was going to be “blessed by all faiths.” 

Does this sound like a note that someone threatening to kill everyone in the church would leave? Or does it sound like the ravings of a bi-polar madman? 

If you indicated the latter, you are in good company. If Muhammad were alive today, we wouldn’t call him a prophet; we would call him a warlord.

The man despised Jews. He promised carnal pleasure in the afterlife. He had pedophilic tendencies. Is it any wonder this “faith” attracts nut jobs? 

However, what is even more appalling would have the fact that this story actually happened in the summer of 2015. Do you remember hearing about this story? I sure didn’t! The very fact that many of us are just now learning about this incident shows just how biased the media in this country truly is. 

I wonder what would have happened if this man had been a Christian or Trump supporter? Hmmm…