Massive Shake Up at Liberal News Company Following Explosion of Scandals


A massive shake up at liberal news company, NBC, has erupted following an explosion of sexual misconduct scandals. NBC News Chief Andres Lack, who was charged with botching sexual harassment charges at NBC, has been exposed as preying on young women who were employees of the liberal-leaning company, according to

Lack’s deviant behavior was exposed in a book called Catch and Kill :Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators , written by Ronan Farrow, an investigative journalist who actually hosted a segment on the liberal NBC’s Today show called, “Undercover with Ronan Farrow”. His book included details on Lack’s sexual misconduct.

Farrow’s book details Lack’s harassment of Jane Wallace, an anchor on NBC’s West 57th show in the 1980s, while Lack was her executive producer. Wallace told Farrow, himself a liberal who worked in the Obama Administration, that Lack was “unrelenting” as he badgered her for a dinner date “every day for almost a month.”

On May 4, Lack resigned from his position at the liberal news station. President Donald Trump lashed out on Lack’s resignation referring to the disgraced predator as “a hack.”

Liberal Media Covers for Misconduct

NBC, the mainstream media liberal darling, has been covering up sexual misconduct from the public’s eye. Lack had previously found himself in hot water over the Matt Lauer affair. Lauer, a former co-host of NBC’s Today show, was accused of sexual misconduct while working at the liberal news station.

Lauer had been accused of perverted behavior, such as exposing his genitals, giving female employees sex toys, and sending explicit sexual notes. In 2017, the liberal NBC fired Lauer when a female staffer reported that he sexually harassed her while on assignment at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Lack denied having knowledge of Lauer’s extensive horrid conduct.

After Lauer was fired, Lack stated in a memo to NBC News staff, “Any suggestion that we knew prior to that evening or tried to cover up any aspect of Lauer’s conduct is absolutely false and offensive.”

However, reported, “broadcast rivals CBS and ABC both reported that the book (Catch and Kill) claims senior staff at NBC had been told about Lauer’s alleged behavior at Sochi, but that NBC left that part out of its coverage.”

Convicted rapist, Harvey Weinstein, also ties in to the liberal Peacock Network’s handling of Lauer and his accusations.  Farrow told the The Hollywood Reporter that Weinstein “laid siege” to the heads of NBC when he realized Farrow was investigating Weinstein’s predatory behavior.  Weinstein had knowledge of Lauer’s misbehavior before it was publicly exposed and threatened to reveal it.

NBC presents itself as the liberal champion of leftist issues, such as feminism.  Yet, their scandals and subsequent cover-ups prove otherwise. 



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