Massive Family Brawl Erupts inside Olive Garden [Video]

Massive Family Brawl
Massive Family Brawl

A Massive family brawl erupted inside a Mississippi Olive Garden restaurant, resulting in not just a lot of damage inside the restaurant but also a major police call as well.

Apparently, two families went to war, and they chose an Olive Garden restaurant to do it! They started throwing insults at each other and this quickly escalated to throwing glasses, silverware, and napkin holders across the busy tables.

Customers can be seen in this video of the wild brawl running and ducking for cover.

The families continued to chuck restaurant supplies at each other. In the meantime, there were other family members who actually came to blows, and the drama only subsided once the police arrived.

Most of the family members would eventually leave the scene, and the restaurant was a complete disaster as a result. The silverware, napkins, and broken furniture were strewn about in an avalanche on the restaurant floor.

“I was really concerned for the children,” Stella Jones, the assistant manager of the restaurant said. Come to find out, it was two separate families that were arguing with each other, and it is evident from this video that the little children from both of these families could easily have been hurt. They were customers calling the police department several times during the altercation, but the police did not arrive in time.

‘JPD got here in a timely manner, but once they [perpetrators] heard police were on the way, they left. The police got here in five minutes,’ a member of the wait staff told News 12 WJTV.

The restaurant offered discounts to those who had the misfortune of witnessing the fight, and there were even some that had the presence of mind to record the melee with their phones.

Both the police department and the employees of the restaurant were calling on people to turn in anyone that they might recognize in the video. “If citizens out there recognize people in the video depicting this massive family brawl, I hope that they will call the police station and let them know so they can be held accountable.”