Massive Drop In Ilegal Crossings Due to Border Wall

Border Wall
Photo Courtesy of Jonathan McIntosh via Creative Commons License

Democrats got some really bad news during a recent House Oversight Committee hearing and they are not going to like it one bit.

According to the acting Border chief Mark Morgan, illegal immigration numbers are down across the board by about 80 percent covering a new 20-mile stretch of the border wall.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Democrats have railed forever that the wall is a complete waste of money and resources.

Now, you would have to be a fool to think that the wall all by itself would outright stop illegal crossings.

The wall is meant to be another tool in the arsenal of our border officers.

First, it deters people from crossing where present.

Second, it can delay their crossing long enough for officers to arrive and apprehend the immigrant trying to enter the country illegally.


These are all points Morgan makes during the hearing…

Getting the Wall Built

The border wall was one of the big platform issues for Trump but very little progress has been made in terms of building new wall.

While there are new sections of wall up, that has primarily been a replacement wall.

Recently, Trump was able to get the Supreme Court to clear the reallocation of funding, but that also recently hit another roadblock.

A judge in Washington state has blocked the use of $89 million that has been earmarked for the building of a submarine dock in the state.

The ruling goes directly against the Supreme Court ruling and the presiding judge, a Democrat-appointed judge, tried to present this case as something completely unique from what the Supreme Court ruled on earlier.

In the overall scheme of things, the $89 million is only a blip, but the concern here is that more cases like this will pop up, further delaying the release of funding.


  1. The dumbocrats new mantra is “How can I screw up more of President Trump’s initiatives and endanger the American people”? We, the dumbocrats, do not care about the people, only our power.


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