Masked Man Forces Couple to Have Sex in Front of Him…Then It Gets REALLY Disgusting

Masked Man

Masked Man- When most Trinidad and Tobago residents think of Valencia, they think of an enjoyable place for couples that enjoy nature to get out and hike.

Many individuals in particular have very fond memories of hikes and picnics they have taken on Cumaca Road. However, unfortunately, one depraved individual hiding out on Cumaca Road had more sinister motives in mind. 

Apparently, Trinidad and Tobago police are now searching for a criminal who forced a couple to do some awful sexual acts in front of him and then proceeded to sexually assault the woman. This occurred at Valencia last Thursday, and now this location is forever tainted for this couple. 

The victims were both 25 years old, and what should have been a time of wonderful memories for them on Cumaca Road became incredibly traumatic instead. They were attacked while they were walking along this trail at 11 a.m. 

Unfortunately, their hike only ten minutes before it turned into a nightmare. They were accosted by a man wearing a black mask and brandishing a firearm.

Holding them at gunpoint, the man ordered the couple to walk to a nearby river and then he robbed them of their cash and also of their cell phones. That wasn’t the worst of it, however. 

The criminal then demanded that the two engage in intercourse in front of him along this private hiking trail. In complete terror, they succumbed to his wishes. However, that wasn’t the end to this man’s sick and twisted game. 

The assailant then placed a sharp cutlass at the woman’s throat and raped her. The man then ran off and escaped after the attack was finished. 

The couple immediately went to the Valencia police station and filed a police report on the incident. Additionally, they were taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital, treated, and released. 

Corporal De La Rosa of the Valencia Police Department continues to investigate this incident. Let’s hope this man is not only apprehended, but prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What a perverted slimeball!


  1. This is a very sick, slime ball, that needs to be caught ASAP. I hope that he doesn’t have any kind of diseases, that this poor woman could wind up with


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