Mark Sanford Will Run For The Presidential GOP Nomination


Republican Mark Sanford Will Run For The Presidential GOP Nomination In 2020

Mark Sanford, complete with Titanic sized baggage is ready to challenge President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Sanford made the announcement on Sunday, he was Congressman from 2013 to January 2019.

Mark was the governor of South Carolina from 2003 to 2013. Sanford was a guest on Fox News Sunday, and said he’s ready to face the challenge of unseating Trump. Sanford is the third Republican looking to duke it out with President Trump. On the show Sanford said, “I can beat you, I’m ready to get in now”.

Interestingly, Sanford’s announcement comes just a day after South Carolina would not hold a Republican primary. They said they didn’t see a legitimate challenge to Donald Trump, which means Sanford can’t win his home. Kansas, Nevada and Arizona are following suit and not having primaries. The former Governor said he realizes his chances of getting the nomination are slim now, but he feels compelled to run.

Mark Sanford Insists His Running For President Has Nothing To Do With Settling A Score

Stanford sat down recently with the ‘Greenville News’ to talk about a possible run, he said he’s concerned about the debt and other issues. That’s why he has decided to run, he said it has nothing to do with getting even.

Sanford said, “this isn’t about weakening the President or electing Democrats”. He said his specific type of politics have never been about evening scores, and getting even. Sanford lost his seat in the house by losing the nomination to challenger Katie Arrington in June of 2018.

Arrington then lost in the general election to Democrat Joe Cunningham. Many attributed Sanford’s primary loss to Donald Trump endorsing Arrington. He tweeted that Sanford is only trouble and is better off in Argentina. Sanford claims the ‘national debt must be addressed sooner before later. If it’s it not addressed we could see a total collapse, something like the Great Depression’.

Scandals Surrounding Sanford

Sanford’s Personal Demons Is Just One Factor In His Uphill Battle Against Trump. There were calls for Sanford to be impeached in 2009, while he was governor. The impeachments calls came on the heals of revelations that Sanford was having an affair in Argentina.

The GOP at the time had high hopes for Sanford running for President. His affair, had dire consequences for him, he saw the collapse of his marriage and the crumbling of his political career. With perseverance he was able to bounce back and win a seat in a district within the Charleston area.

Sanford has remained relatively quiet since his 2018 house seat loss. He revealed on Sunday he has been going back and forth on running and competing against Trump. Sanford said after talking it over with his political advisors and his family, he decided the time was right now. He intends to have his platform stick to fiscal issues, and not even address all ‘of the faults of President Trump’.


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