“The Family” and Mark Sanford: Scandal or Conspiracy

the family
Mark Sanford explains how the Netflix show is "about a lot of nothing"

Mark Sanford Addresses Netflix’s ‘The Family’ Says It’s Blown Out Of Proportion

A new documentary currently airing on ‘Netflix’ is raising some eyebrows. Former GOP Governor Mark Sandford is weighing in on the controversy. Sanford is featured prominently in the documentary.

The claims being made in the documentary are that a secret Christian group is in Washington D.C. Called ‘The Family,’ The film says the group has a lot of influence over the rich and powerful. Sanford told ‘The Federalist’ that the claims being made in the film are simply not true.

“It’s much to do about nothing,” Sanford said. He said the film is trying to portray some sort of conspiracy that he has no knowledge of. ‘The Family’ centers around 2009 when then Governor goes ‘missing’ in the Appalachian Trial’.

The Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina at the time, Andre Bauer, said no one knew were Sanford was. It was later revealed that Sanford was having an extra martial affair with a divorced mother of two from Argentina. Sanford and his then wife went through a nasty divorce in 2010, the couple have four children.

Sanford Said That The Group Is Not Secret And Open To Both Parties

Mark Sanford said the group is located on C Street in Washington, and it’s not a secret group. He said the filmmakers took ‘dramatic license’ with the facts and distorted the truth.

Sanford said it is a Christian group, however he says it’s not a secret group and any party affiliation is welcome. Sanford said he was involved with the group during his first two terms in Congress in 2013. He said ‘it was simply a fellowship where members got together and prayed and talked about family’.

We all were told to ask ourselves if we devoting enough time to our families. Sanford said anything else the film is stating about the group is fictitious. Sanford is considering a run for the Republican nomination for the 2020 Presidential election. He said he is not consulting with anyone from ‘The Family’ about his goals or aims concerning his political career.

The Fellowship AKA ‘The Family’ In The Netflix Documentary Issues A Statement

The Christian men’s group the Fellowship, which is also refereed to as ‘The Family’ on Netflix issued a statement on the film. The statement reads in part, “Netflix mischaracterized the work of the Fellowship and attempts to portray people of faith in a bad light.

We are encouraged by how often viewers are introduced to and challenged by the principles of Jesus. “This is at the core of our mission and message.” They added, “Perhaps they will better understand the integrity and transformational impact of this informal network .

We encourage everyone in a spirit of friendship and reconciliation to love god with all of their, heart soul and mind. Also to love their neighbor as themselves.” The ‘Fellowship’ is known for their yearly hosting duties of the ‘National Prayer Breakfast in D.C.’ Presidents of all parties have attended the Fellowship event in years past.


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