Man Turns Old Dusty Airplane into Something Incredible, Here is a First Look Inside


Visualize this: you are hiking through a forest, and you are taking in all of the natural wonders and great marvels in front of you. However, almost immediately something totally unexpected happens to you when you end up running headlong into a large Boeing passenger airplane sitting right there in the bushes!

This is no joke either, an actual airplane sitting in the middle of a forest! Of course, you might initially think that this airplane met a bad ending here. Alternately, you might be thinking that the airplane is simply part of some unusual woodland airplane junkyard. However, if you are in the vicinity of Hillsboro, Oregon, you would be wrong on both counts.

In reality, you might have stumbled upon someone’s home. Yes, you read that right: if this airplane is in the woods right by Hillsboro, it just might be the “house” of one Bruce Campbell.

Of course, Bruce Campbell isn’t the first individual to turn a mode of transport into a a home. Several individuals have done it with yachts and even cars. There have even been people who have turned out missile silos into houses.

However, there isn’t too many people to date who have turned a plane into a house, but Campbell is someone who not only has done it, but his know-how turned it into something incredible in the process.

Of course, there is no question that human beings are resourceful. There have been all kinds of accounts where run-of-the-mill individuals will live in their boats, cars, or other items simply just out of necessity. By the same token, there have been some individuals who have turned these ordinary items into something totally luxurious.

Simply put, people take advantage of their resources when it comes to crafting a home. There are groups who will even build their homes way up within the branches of a tree, constructing the abode with stone, bricks, mud, or whatever else they can find. However, someone turning a plane into a house is definitely a first!

Of course, no pun intended here, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that David Campbell’s unorthodox dream of converting an old airplane into his home was a challenging endeavor. First of all, you have to wonder just how he was able to circumvent all of the laws surrounding this unusual mission.

Secondly, you would want to know just how he would turn the irregular shape of an airplane into such things as bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and studies. Of course, before we even get to that point, how did Mr. Campbell even move this Boeing 727 from an airport to the forest in the first place?

In order to understand how he was able to pull it off, you first must understand Campbell’s background. The man used to work as an electrical engineer, and he has held on to this dream for quite some time. He wanted to utilize aircraft for far more than just flying, and he wanted to transmogrify them into a phenomenal masterpiece, a modern-day version of the Sistine Chapel in technological form.

Bruce Campbell plunged down to the depths of his ingenuity in order to do this. He seized these planes that were sold to be just made into scrap metal, and he turned them into a supremely unique personal dwelling. Let’s take a look at this man’s marvelous mind and how he was able to perform this stunning personal achievement!

An Imaginative Element

Even when Campbell was a young child, he loved to tinker with small things. He would look at all of the various resources and scrapped-up objects, and he would transform into an item that was his own creation. His personal innovation talents is one of the things that led him to purchase the Hillsboro plot in the first place. He was initially going to simply redesign some freight vans and make a fresh new home for them. However, he shifted his objectives when he learned about another supremely adventurous home that someone else had constructed.

A Creation That Was Simply Irresistible

You see, at least two decades had passed by when Bruce read about a Mississippi native named Joanne Ussery. She was a woman who purchased a Boeing 727 aircraft and turned the plane into her own home. She packed her things into the new home with the hope of having a new start.

Tragically, Joanne had lived in an ordinary home before it had to be completely razed to the ground. However, this was the impetus for her to make a new abode from this defunct airplane, and she did just that. Today, she lives in that plane and has a wonderful view of a nearby lake.

From Humble Beginnings

At the time that Bruce had read this, he was very deeply entrenched into his mission of revamping those freight vans. However, he was inspired and decided that he too wanted to take a crack at turning a massive airplane into his home.

He felt like he was up to the challenge, and he thought that he would find some immense enjoyment when he gave this old, wasted and used-up aircraft a new incarnation into something very special. It wasn’t the size that would be the problem, simply because of the fact that he had a 10-acre plot that could easily hold such an item. However, the funding might be an issue, as would trying to find a way to move the plane in the first place! How would he pull this off?

Buying a Plane!

Of course, once Mr. Campbell makes his mind up, then there is no going back. He started shopping around for a plane, and he settled upon a Boeing 727 that had been listed in 1999. There was a model for sale in the ancient Greek city of Athens from Olympic Airways, and so he forked out $100,000 for it. However, this was just the first of many of the steep costs that he would encounter.

Now, he would have to figure how to get his newly-purchased prize all the way from Greece to his home in Hillsboro, Oregon, America. Transporting the titan thing all that way would be a massive undertaking, to say the least.

Moving a Plane Without Flying It

Indeed, the shifting of this gigantic plane all the way from Greece to Oregon would be the biggest logistical challenge of the whole entire project. Bruce had to make a whole litany of plans regarding it, and all of the random details would combine into another $120,000 bill for Bruce’s unusual dream of living in a 727. Simply put, this meant that Bruce was paying upwards of $220,000 before he even began the arduous task of remodeling the plane. However, it didn’t kill Bruce’s enthusiasm one single bit.

A Titanic Move and a Massive Undertaking

No one would ever accuse Bruce of not being industrious, and his resolve could not be diminished even though this was definitely a massive undertaking. Initially, he had to shift the airplane into the deepest part of the forest. He would have to do everything he could to make this crazy delivery work, simply because this was one of many problems he would go through before his goal would come to fruition.

Time to Clip the Wings Off

Campbell had to hire a whole crew of workers just to take the wings of the plane off. The main purpose of this was to ensure that the plane was able to squeeze into Mr. Campbell “woodland paradise.” After the team dismantled the wings, they had to come up with a good plan to put the wings back on in an efficient manner.

Of course, another part of the logistics was the legal aspect of it. You definitely might be wondering how Bruce could get the law to look the other way on this and how they would let him shift his Boeing plane into these woods in the first place. Well, he had to mass-buy all of the total surface area to allow for everything that his aircraft was going to touch. Either way, the local officials were amazed at how innovating and bold he truly was.

Unique Ideas

In the beginning, Campbell considered this aircraft simply to be an operation that wouldn’t necessarily have a fixed outcome, nor would it have any organized goals. However, he quickly realized the needed an objective, so he set about turning it into as luxurious a home as possible and also proving to the world that with a little elbow grease, an old aircraft can indeed be turned into a personal home. They don’t have to be scrapped at all!

The Woods Will Welcome You

Insofar as remodeling the aircraft and turning it into a home, the whole project took a number of years. Bruce ended up residing in a nearby freight van before he could get his aircraft completely upcycled. Of course, the move to the woods was a challenge, but he continued to be dedicated to finishing his mission. His determination was unshaken, and that was a good thing, because there were still plenty of challenges coming up.

Unforeseen Circumstances

It didn’t take long before Bruce’s move to the woods that he realized that he was going to have his share of uninvited guests. For example, he encountered a colony of mice living in his van home, and that made him have to shack up in the Boeing sooner than what he had planned. However, this turned out to be a good thing, simply because it helped him to realize what it would be like to be properly changed.

Two Worlds on a Collision Course

Bruce was actually interviewed by the Mirror regarding his plans, and he said that he felt it was a terrible shame how retired airplanes are treated. He said that “shredding such a scintillating and beautiful jetliner is a waste and a tragedy and a tremendous and profound failure of human ingenuity.” Of course, Campbell does have his share of critics, with many saying that residing within an airplane deep within the woods is a very lonesome and strange choice. However, he feels that for his lifestyle it is quite appropriate, especially when you consider that he has always had a profound admiration for the magnificent design of an airplane. He feels that it is a triumph and crowning achievement of human engineering, and it is an “unmatched structure for someone to live in.”

Pioneering That Goes to Another Level

Bruce never had any type of opening plans when it came to his beloved aircraft, but he knew the instant he slept inside this unique dwelling that things were going to fall into place within his mind. Bruce was also interviewed with Business Insider, and he said that he had a full visualization of his goals once he entered the plane, and he could imagine the seats and passengers disappearing. He could absolutely imagine his space being converted into a living area, and he knew that the surroundings would be amazing as well.

The Big Debut

The day was quickly approaching where Bruce would finally reveal his revolutionary airplane home. He was excited, but he knew that more work needed to be done. He applied a high-pressure water spray to the plane’s exterior in order to clean it up. Although it should have been a real straightforward cleaning, it actually took him four days to complete it!

Safeguarding and Maintenance

If you are going to have a Boeing 727, you will need to clean the exterior areas at least once every two years. This is a lot more difficult than it seems, simply because the engines can only be reached by ladder, and there is a danger of losing your grip on the high-pressure hose. This can make it a hazardous mission indeed. Although such challenges did worry Campbell to a certain degree, he still knew that a positive outcome to his dedication would outweigh the risks.

Not An Ordinary Residence

Bruce continued to discuss his efforts with the Daily Mail, and he used an analogy that literally everyone could appreciate. He basically said that an airplane abode was kind of like a novel Tesla for a car brand whereas all other homes are simply like your typical classic car that are ubiquitous on the roadways. He said that all abandoned airplanes should be turned into an “aerospace castle” and that would work well for both old and young alike.

A Home That Even Elon Musk Would Appreciate

Of course, everyone has their idea of what a castle should look like, and Bruce is no different. His “castle” is supported by concrete pillars and illuminated by a pathway that leads right to his revamped airplane home, and it is right on the fringes of Hillsboro. Once you tour the zone, you figure out just how much has been invested into this Boeing. The more you look at it, the more evident it is that this project just came about completely on its own.

Staying or Going?

One of the main things that Bruce wanted to do was recycle all of the gear that the plane possessed and recycle it for use in a new way. That is one of the main reasons why he became dedicated to leaving most of the technology and equipment in the cockpit in just the same manner he found it. Furthermore, Bruce wanted to remodel the plane so that the inside of the plane would allow everyday life to occur. He wanted to make the reconstruction as creative as possible.

The Process of Construction

According to Bruce, this novel home of his is in an indefinite amount of development. At the same time, it is always going to be a livable and all-purpose residence. One example of this would be the shower. While it definitely could be a creative deal that he built completely on his own, Bruce also decided to focus on refurbishing a number of the built-in qualities that the plane already had. After reinstalling the LED lighting, changing the accompanying stairway, and redoing the classic bathroom, he also changed out the number of seats that came with the craft when he purchased it. You are probably wanting to take a look at this unique creation, and we don’t blame you!

Exclusive Invitation

If you decide to enter Bruce’s jetliner so that he can give you the “grand tour”, you will first of all have to go up the plane’s built-in stairway, just like if you were getting ready for a flight on a regular Boeing 727. However, don’t fret; Bruce has now got the steps highlighted so that neither you or him will trip.

Keeping Aware of Everything

When remodeling his new plane home, Bruce didn’t want to leave anything to chance. He included as many small features as possible. First of all, he wanted to include a shoe rack for the slippers from tourists coming to look at his unique home. He is almost always on a never ending quest to keep his spacious but complicated home as polished as possible.

The Best Rule is the Golden Rule

One of the things that Bruce realized rather quickly is that the glass would become pretty filthy in a hurry simply due to its wooded position. He made a new policy that socks and slippers should be mandatory. This is because he is very protective of the house that he has personally crafted and designed, wanting to make sure that it continues to remain as sportless as possible.

A Welcoming Insistence

For Bruce, wearing socks and slippers is just the right ticket. He wants to keep his feet cozy, but he also wants to make sure that his unique place remains as fresh as possible. One of the ways to do that would be to always ensure that his plexiglass gets the respect that material always deserves. He also enjoys this comfy procedure, and finds that it keeps him motivated to properly maintain his airplane abode.

All That He Wants

Of course, Campbell realizes that his refurbished jet has literally everything he needs and is very spacious. However, the man continues to stay in step with his humble way of life. Even though he used to make his living as an electrical engineer, he has a diet that is mostly made up of canned food along with cereal. He normally only uses a microwave and a toaster as his main cooking appliances. Additionally, the man still has his hobby of building personalized gadgets as well.

Intelligent, But Humble

In this picture, we can see Campbell reclining upon his futon, and he is surrounded by many of the items that he loves to tinker with. Of course, in the previous photograph, he was reading a massive book and he was putting his usually brain to work trying to think up some ways to improve the facilities of his unique home.

Living Standards

This airplane has a dual built-in toilets function and that is definitely part of the facilities. However, one of the most marvelous hygiene installments within this Boeing would have to be the shower and the unique water pioneering features that were put into this former airplane. It was positioned closer to the craft, but it had Bruce toiling over a trench in order to make it. However, it did provide a good conduit, proving the fresh and clean running water that he needed, along with the power to heat it appropriately.

Linking Himself Up

For starters, Bruce had an original power cable and an aged meter base, and he hooked it up with a refurbished circuit breaker cabinet that came with the Boeing. Along the way, he included further additions include a water-pipe for emergencies, a PVC duct, and a telecom cable. All of this will help this retired scientist keep his hygiene as top-notch as good or better as anyone living in a regular house.

Bruce’s Cockpit

Of course, this is Bruce’s magical airplane, and perhaps not surprisingly, one of his favorite places to go would have to be the cockpit. The great thing about this area is that it still has the whole range of all of the instrumentation. He has turned the spot into his own entertainment zone, and he loved to use it as his own personal reading spot. This is also his “genius station”, which is where all of his best thinking occurs and where he keeps a large amount of all of his gizmos that he loves to tinker with.

The Fun Zone

Bruce did an interview with Business Insider, and he compared his airplane to his very own Star Trek site, and it’s almost like a giant toy, with trap doors, trick spaces, and giant hatches all over the place. There is no question that he loves it, and it is definitely a dream home for a tremendous technology geek like Bruce. For him, it is truly an exhilarating place to be.

A Genius With Electronics

Indeed, Bruce loves his home so much that most of the time he will spend most of his time there. Even though he is officially retired, he still works very hard on some of his personal assignments from his laptop. His workstation is where all of his home improvement brainstorming continues to happen. It is also where he does all of his unique methods of planning. Bruce described his personal work to the Daily Mail as something very enjoyable to him, and claimed that, “most individuals are nerds about something by some measure. The point is that you should always have fun.”

Everything Keeps Coming Together
When it comes to passion, there is no question that Campbell has plenty of it. It also goes without saying that most engineers would prefer to reside within their passion projects. Such is the same for Bruce Campbell, and he has crafted for himself a workstation that he has intimate proximity to at any time that he wishes. Because of how organized his space is, he is able to come up with better ideas on how to improve some of his brainstorms.

Completely Operational

Bruce did not want to stop at just getting water flowing within the plane either. He also continued to work on repairing the lightning within the plane and on the exterior of the plane as well. He knew that an isolated and solitary life would have its share of challenges, but he wanted to make sure that all of his fundamental services were in place.

The Entertainment For the Evening

Of course, you might wonder if Bruce’s plane continues to be livable during the evening hours, or does he simply have to be a hermit living in darkness? The answer to that question is a big, fat, no. He has full operation of all of his lights, so even at night, he can do pretty much anything that he wants. He can get lost in a book, he can burn the midnight oil, and he can fulfill all of his nighttime needs as easily as he wants. Moreover, his LED lights are completely environmentally friendly as well.

Green Thumb

Besides working on the interior of his plane house, Bruce also takes time to work on his green thumb. He takes special care to maintain the grounds around the outside of the plane, and he is committed to maintaining the woods surrouding his plane abode. Much like how other homeowners will work on their private gardens, Bruce will manage the grass in order to keep potential pests from gaining entry into his unique home.

An Effort That Even Hercules Would Appreciate

Bruce has to mow his grass at least weekly, and he has to make rid of the weeds that grow vociferously around his plane. He wants to make sure that his habitable zone stays as pleasant as possible. Does it seem doubtful to you that Bruce can do this? Well, he has a lot of energy and commitment to keeping his home looking as pristine as possible.

Committed to Upcycling

When being interviewed by the Daily Mail, Bruce noted that he has an immense amount of motivation for upcycling and refurbishing these jets simply because he believes that they will bring an immense amount of benefits to our world. Airplanes are also very rigid and well-build structures, making them real good at surviving natural disasters.


Besides the fact that Bruce’s Boeing 727 is resilient, the craft house is quite easy to maintain and keep clean. Bruce’s domestic choices are about as straightforward as possible, with an interior that is literally sealed in a hardcore pressure canister. Indeed, this is the type of home that can house people for hundreds of years! This is naturally a remarkable benefit that he hopes will inspire others to turn these airplanes into private homes!

Close to Perfection

Of course, some people wouldn’t want to opt for a plane home simply because they think that there might be a serious lack of resources. However, Campbell is living proof that many of these difficulties can be remedied just as long as the plane is not too far off into the country and is close to a nearby city.

Living Strong

When you look at the image above, you can definitely see that Bruce is not going to starve to death, not at least for a while, anyway. Of course, as an electrical engineer, Bruce has made plenty, but he has such passion about things that he will put technological convenience above his gourmet needs. He has all he needs for modest eating, and his meal prepping is about as straightforward as possible.



A Genuine Lifestyle

Of course, Bruce’s airplane is not able to take flight any longer. However, when he was remodeling the plane he did take special care to make sure that he kept at least a small portion of the original seating arrangement. He did this so that visitors could get the illusion of traveling in the plane while it was still in flight.

Exclusive Access

Of course, Bruce didn’t keep the original seating access exactly the way that it used to be. He did want to make sure that he had enough living room and personal space. Keeping some of the original flight seats also serves as a great way to remind him of some of the ingenuity it took for him to get this unusual house. There are times where he also enjoys lounging in the seats.

Bruce’s Working Space

As a matter of fact, one of the most beloved spots in Bruce’s plane house would have to be the cockpit area. This is one particular space that has a litany of different purposes, including being a therapeutic relaxation spot, a personal entertainment area, and also a place where he maximizes his creative juices as much as possible.

Lifting Off

Of course, another way that Bruce is able to pursue his innovative and inventive passion would have to be when he takes the controls where the pilot would have been sitting. He loves to fantasize what it must have been like to command an aircraft. He also loves to simply look at the fantastic array of equipment present on the plane. He realizes that the magic of science comes true to life here.

Hygiene is Important

Even though Bruce has resided within a repurposed airplane, this inventor still maintains a high level of cleanliness. Bruce not only has his own shower, but he also has his own washing machine so that all of his garments remain smelling as fresh as possible.

The Importance of Creativity

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that Bruce has technological know-how, but he also knows that he must have creativity. Bruce has always known that a combination of these two will help someone be able to turn anything into a DIY home.

Identical, Except For Living in a Plane

Of course, to the casual outsider, Bruce’s home life might seem to be very unusual. However, he really actually has a domestic that’s pretty ordinary other than the whole fact that he lives in a plane. You see, Bruce looks after himself and he always keeps himself looking presentable and healthy. Much like any other homeowner, Bruce also keeps his home as spotless as possible.

All Kinds of Company

Actually, no one can say that Bruce is a hermit. His Boeing plane home has literally everything he needs in order to facilitate all of his needs. He can shower and shave each day in his Boeing home just as easy as one of his neighbors in their modular or ranch home can do it.

Built For Everyday Life

Bruce said that his home is highly desirable simply due to the fact that it has a metallic makeup. He despises the use of home for building a home, simply because of the fact that it can degrade quickly, be eaten up by microbes or termites, and it could easily cause the whole home to burn up.

Is it Power or Purpose?

Bruce believes that your garden-variety rectangle house is totally inferior to his airplane home. Part of the reason for his logic is that you only see these types of homes when it comes to simple ergonomics. As a result, he doesn’t believe that they are very stable. Moreover, he thinks that these types of homes simply don’t make any sense. “We shouldn’t destroy the finest structures available and just turn around, building homes that are not much better than a pressed cardboard or consisting of an inferior and ancient design and an inferior building method,” he said.

Prying Busybodies

Of course, Bruce receives an immense amount of questioning regarding his home. The most common question he gets is whether his plane crashed in that Oregon forest. Either way, he prefers to avoid these irritating questions.

The Public Has a Right to Know

Bruce has a deep wish for the public to understand just what type of persistence and dedication it takes to fully turn a plane into a home. He said he thinks it is terribly odd when some of his visitors don’t understand just how many delicate touches went into turning a discarded plane into a home. However, he also can’t help but appreciate how many individuals are oblivious to the true potential of a discarded plane.

Proud of Himself

While being filmed and taking the crew on a tour of his unique, Bruce was unquestionably proud of himself. He has made some huge efforts and has had some awesome results. However, what makes this achievement so amazing is that this isn’t the first time that Bruce has had a truly revolutionary and novel achievement. What else could be in store for this marvelous creator? Let’s take a look!

All Over The Place

You see, Bruce might have an unwavering commitment to his Boeing home, but he only stays in it for six months out of the year. The rest of the time, he is living in Japan. That’s definitely a major radical shift, to say the least! Naturally, Bruce has all kinds of quests when he is in Japan…take a guess at what kinds of activities might stand out most for this inventor!

Further Efforts

If you guessed that he is going to be making more plane homes, then you would be absolutely right! Japan is going to be the next highly fortunate recipient of one of Bruce’s stunning plane abodes. He will even go much larger this time, with plans to purchase a Boeing 747 instead! He has committed to purchasing one of these trashed airliners, and he is well on his way to making another unique plane residence, this time in Japan.

Broadening His Horizons

Besides being an inventor, Bruce has also established himself as an advocate for the environment. He believes that the only way we are going to get out of our environmental mess is by human ingenuity. Moreover, his former career as an electrical engineer has made innovation much easier for him. When he was interviewed for this article, he was reclining and relaxing against his airplane palace, and he was saying that he wants to be known as a pioneer that revolutionized home life in the United States and the world.

The Genius Leagues

Bruce is actually part of a very elite group. Some of the members live in the Netherlands, Texas, and Costa Rica. All of these individuals have one thing in common: they all have remodeled a discarded aircraft and turned it into a home. Interestingly enough, there is even an organized devoted to this activity called the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association. They have stated that they love to see these aircraft being reused in an imaginative manner. They want to see more and more of this type of creation.

Empowered Individuals

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association has a strong desire to encourage a green work ethic regarding aircraft and their engines. They are advocates within this organization that have estimated that there will be at least 500,000 airplanes trashed within the next twenty years, and there will be at least three thousand aircraft that will be trashed in three years’ time as well. Needless to say, they want to see an increased level of support for more of Bruce’s type of home being designed.

One of the Forests in Oregon
Bruce definitely had several motivations at hand that prompted him to use these Oregon woods as the place for him to begin building his airplane home. The first motivation was that this was the 1970s graduation where he first found work in the county. Additionally, he enjoyed the rural beauty of the area that he selected. Finally, he has always loved just how forward-thinking many of the people in Oregon are.

Just Your Average Residence

Bruce had to get some age on him before he became interested in purchasing a plane. According to the Daily Mail, he believed that he would be “economically restrained” if he was saddled with a mortgage. Of course, when Bruce had finally saved up the funds to invest in a house, his mind was far beyond the traditional mode of roves, floors, and traditional walls. In his words, “I was thinking like a free bird engineer.”

Sound Interesting? You Are More Than Welcome To Visit!

Mr. Campbell has always found a lot of joy in letting interested and like-minded individuals come and visit his unorthodox abode. He loves to give them a passionate tour of the home, and he will even let people stay there through a special booking system.

Likeminded Passions

Of course, the Daily Mail asked Campbell his opinion on the many visitors he gets to his plane home every day, and he said that he does indeed welcome it. He said he is more than content to share all of the marvels of his home, and he feels that it is the pinnacle of human genius.

Plenty of Fresh Faces

When asked to describe the amount of visitors that he receives, Bruce said that he usually will get people that will be 75% reserved and 25% unplanned. However, either way, he doesn’t mind because he knows just how transparent his home truly is.

A Show Of Ages

Bruce has not only welcomed his home to visitors, but there has also been occasions where he will host concerts and other events at his plane home. For example, from June 30th to July 3rd in 2018 he hosted a special concert on a green stretch just by the plane. This incredibly special concert was held by the Japanese singer Pomily and it included a collection of other special singers as well. Naturally, Bruce did recommend some special attire for the attendees, such as rural outfits and forest footwear. However, a good time was definitely had by all.

Turbulence: A Dance Party

Bruce went ahead and threw another party which he called “Turbulence: A Dance Party at a 727 in the Woods.” It was hosted on a wing of his aircraft, and it was characterized by drinking, feasting, and good tunes. Of course, he had to get special permission from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. He also allowed attendees to enjoy a brief walk-through of Bruce’s home. The event was also characterized by appealing electronic dance music with some of Bruce’s closest associates, which happen to be producers from an event hosting business called Murderboat Productions.

Bruce’s Solitary Existence

Bruce mentioned to the Daily Mail that he has chosen to live his life as a bachelor. “I am not going to marry, nor will I generate any kids. I’m 68, so it’s a bit late to do that anyway. It’s okay, though, because I simply never had a desire to marry or have children. I do enjoy romance and love, but I only will indulge in it as much as civilization will allow.” Bruce enjoys his humble existence and loves his airplane bachelor pad. Bruce feels that matrimony is too constraining for his independent lifestyle. However, he has many other passionate pursuits.

A Larger Plane

Bruce splits most of his time between living in Oregon inside his Boeing 727 and the rest of the time he is in Japan where he is buying properties in order to facilitate his next project, which is going to be his second airplane home. This time, he is going to get a larger Boeing, which will be a 747-400 model. Bruce hopes that his efforts will spark a revolution, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and try to make unorthodox homes that are also sturdy and environmentally friendly. He believes that there is nothing more exciting than turning a trashed aircraft into a living space.

A Bigger Picture

This amazing genius inventor is preparing to spend much more time on the Japanese island of Kyushu, which is where his bigger airplane home is going to be situated. He knows that he needs a haven that will both be for his needs and will help the broader populace as well. This is because this Japanese is prone to tsunamis, and so he believes that his new airplane home can be used by the locals as a shelter if needed. This is one of the main reasons why he loves airplane homes; the very fact that they withstand so many natural disasters makes them well-worth the extra time and investment needed to turn them into living quarters. Plus, they will last for several centuries!

A Sophisticated Home

Campbell’s Oregon airplane home originally was a Boeing 727-200, and it was something that the company maintained from the 1960s until the mid 1980s. The 727 had the ability to fulfill some lengthy trips and also land on some of the smallest airstrips as well. This design could house between 149 and 189 people comfortably, and it was last used by Delta Airlines. The Boeing 727 was decommissioned by most of the major American airlines in 2003. Since then, the only airline that continues to use this model would be in Iran. That’s right. Iran’s Aseman Airlines still uses this model to this day.

Some Surprising History

Finally, one of the things that Bruce wouldn’t learn about after he had finished this product was that his abode was the very aircraft that carted a deceased Aristotle Onassis to Greece after he passed away from respiratory failure in 1975. The man was a Greek shipping magnate, but he is prepared most well-known for being the second husband of Jackie Kennedy. The devoted widow accompanied the aircraft to her second husband’s final resting place.

So this plane is not only a labor of love for a maverick electrical engineer, but it also has a lot of history as well! Our hat’s off to you, Bruce Campbell!





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