Man Steals Bulldozer, Goes on Political Rampage

haines city florida man bulldozer biden signs

A 26-year-old Florida man is under arrest after stealing a bulldozer and driving over several Biden / Harris campaign signs. He’s currently being charged with trespassing, grand theft and criminal mischief in Polk County.

James Blight of Haines City Florida claims he was “drinking whiskey all day” when he decided it would be a good idea to destroy some Biden – Harris 2020 signs in his neighborhood. It was broad daylight when he walked down the road and yanked two Biden campaign signs out of a neighbor’s yard.

Drunken joyride lands man in jail

Blight then went to a nearby construction site and climbed into a bulldozer, which had the keys still in the ignition. He proceeded to drive the heavy piece of machinery up and down busy streets in Haines City, running over Biden – Harris campaign signs, destroying a speed limit sign and even toppling a neighbor’s fence. Some neighbors were looking on in shock, with many of them snapping photos of the suspect during the mayhem.

haines city florida man arrested bulldozer biden harris signs

Resident calls bulldozer attack a hate crime

Former vice Mayor Adam Burgess lives in the neighborhood. He’s calling the incident a hate crime and he’s vowing to follow up on the suspect’s charges. “This man just came onto my property, took the two Joe Biden signs I had in my yard, and then came back with a bulldozer to run down my fence,” Burgess said in a statement to reporters. “Why bring that to our neighborhood? This is a predominantly Black neighborhood and you’re coming over here with that? That’s not right.”

With the presidential election just days away, tensions are running high across the country. There has already been numerous incidents of violence and property damage caused by both candidates supporters. Residents of Haines City were quick to blame Trump and his rhetoric for the destruction.

Cornelius Marion, a homeowner in the neighborhood, jumped into his car and followed the bulldozer as he called police. Later he told reporters “It speaks to dog whistles that Donald Trump has been putting out his whole campaign. Stand back and stand by and we have guys in bulldozers doing this. What does the President have to say about that? He stopped in traffic and cussed everybody out.”


The suspect, James Blight, claims he was drunk when he stole the bulldozer and he doesn’t remember what happened. Hopefully he lays off the booze and stays away from bulldozers from now on.


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