Man Goes Full on Chuck Norris Ninja on Sleeping Guy, The Details are CRAZY!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

Salt Lake City police were busy last Monday night, as they arrested a man who had apparently beat another man with a traditional martial arts weapon called nunchucks. 38-year-old Adrian Anthony Melendez, 38, was ultimately charged with Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Burglary, and Intoxication after apparently doing his best “Chuck Norris” impersonation. 

The police report stated that the victim was sleeping inside his friends’ apartment when Melendez came in and started hitting him. Melendez beat the victim to near unconsciousness with the nunchucks, then he calmly strolled outside the apartment, and without skipping a beat he saw the tenant and told him that he needed to “go check on your homie.” 

When the owner of the apartment found the victim, he was barely breathing and had severe bleeding on his head. The apartment tenant also found Melendez’s nunchucks laying at the foot of the bed, complete with some of Mr. Melendez’s dog tags as well. 

Officers promptly arrived on the scene, and once they tried to question Melendez, he quickly clammed up other than admitting that he did indeed strike the victim. The only other thing he said that prompted him is that he believed the victim was a “pedophile.”

When the police filed their report, they noted that Melendez appeared to have glossy and red eyes along with a persistent and strong odor of alcohol on his breath, which is of course something that his calm-and-collected Chuck Norris counterpart would never have!

The owner of the apartment made it clear to police that Melendez did not have permission to enter the unit, and that he too had seen Melendez previously with the nunchucks. Luckily, the victim of this nunchuck beating is currently in stable condition. 

What do YOU think about this guy imitating Chuck Norris and going after this other guy? Have your say in the comments below!



  1. I think the perpetrator should be shot dead in his tracks. He admitted what he’d done. I am sick and tired of the lawlessness in our country and the evilness that goes with it. When you’re in a war, which we are, sometimes bullets from the good people need to fly.


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