Man Breaks Record With Amazing Catch, This Fish Story Has Photo Proof

Big catch
Big catch

Many of us love fishing as a hobby and a pastime. One man is especially enjoying it after he broke a record for an amazing catch!

Apparently, this man recently caught a near record-breaking flathead in an Oklahoma river that weighed more than 75 pounds. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation reported that Ryan Reese caught a flathead that weighed as much as 76.4 pounds on a regular rod and reel in the Arkansas River.

All we have to say is congratulations on your wonderful catch, Ryan!

Of course, you might be wondering, “as a beginner, how can I go about getting a huge catch just like Ryan did?”

There is no simple answer to this question, simply due to the fact that fishing is both an art and a science that can take a lifetime for someone to master.

Naturally, that’s probably not the answer that you are looking for, so if you still want to have a better chance of ending up like Ryan, there are some hacks that you can consider:

-Fish with an experienced angler. You should especially consider going with an individual that is well aware of the waters that you want to fish. The reason for this is because different locations will often call for different methods. If you cannot go with an experienced angler, all is not lost. You can still ask a local angler for some recommendations and tips.


-Research the waterway where you will be fishing so that you figure out what species you can expect. Of course, you should be aware that this will often vary by season as well.

-Don’t forget the YouTube videos! If you can find some videos on YouTube of individuals who had fished in the same or similar location, you can check out what worked for them in the comfort of your own home.

-Never stop testing. Yes, there is no question that it is great to get an experienced guide so that you can get a quick fishing start, you also should be aware that there might be plenty of approaches that you yourself would be successful at. The only way to discover any of these new trips is by testing. How do you think these successful bass tournament anglers do so well on their catch? It’s because they have plenty of other tricks for catching fish up their sleeves when the normal methods are not working.