Man Accused of Brutally Murdering His Daughter After She Exposes His Decade Long Disgustingly Vile Dark Secret


Ronald Lee McMullen Claims 22 Year Daughter Killed Herself Police Say Father Molested Her & Then Murdered Her

McMullen listened intently as arguments were being made in his murder trial for the death of his 22 year old daughter Kailee McMullen. Jury selection began on Monday in Norman, Oklahoma, the opening arguments started on Tuesday, with the trial continuing on Wednesday.

The police and the state allege that Kailee was murdered by her father on June 29th, 2017 in the family home located in Oklahoma. Kailee was a 2013 graduate of Norman High School She was described as an outgoing young woman, who a cheerleader all through high school.

Kailee told friends days before she died, that her father had been molesting her. There was also an allegation in 2007, that her father molested her when she was 14.

Through the investigation, several family and friends say McMullen was a very controlling father. McMullen called 911 and said his daughter was playing with a gun, and shot herself in the face. When police arrived, they were immediately suspicious due to the location of the gun shot wound.

McMullen Was Arrested After He Refused To Take A Lie Detector Test

McMullen has been behind bars without bail since the shooting occurred in 2017. Judge Thad Balkman will oversee the trial, in the Cleveland County courthouse in Oklahoma. The judge said he believes the trial will last at least 2 weeks.

The judge indicated that there are a large number of witnesses from both the state and the defense. There are 12 jury members and two alternatives. The arrest report indicates when police arrived to the family home, Kailee’s mother was performing CPR.


Kailee was living with her parents at the home at 1709 Abe Martin Drive, where the shooting occurred. The report says that McMullen had been sexually molesting his daughter for at least two months before her death. Friends told authorizes that Kailee was terrified of her father, and wanted to move but was scared to. The night before the shooting Kailee was on a date.

Text Messages Retrieved From Kailee’s Phone Will Be Entered Into Evidence

The investigators retrieved cell phone records from Kailee and her father, The night before her death, she was on a date. Text messages between Kailee and father during the date, reveal that the father said, ‘it’s time to come home now, or I will go pick you up’.

McMullen has plead not guilty, and the judge determined that there was enough evidence as the case moved slowly through the court system. Kailee loved animals and volunteered as a local animal shelter. She was also worked as an EMT. At the time of her death, she was studying to become a firefighter.

When police arrived to the home her father was covered in blood. Police officers had to hold him down, as he tried to remove blood from his hands and shoes. When they brought him outside, he was seen rolling around on the dirt in attempt to remove evidence from his body. Kailee’s mother, Karen McMullen is expected to testify against her husband for the state.



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