Male Karen Attempts to Police Anti Maskers, It Doesn’t Go So Well


People hear the term “liberal vigilante” and say “huh?” Those two words don’t go together in the same sentence. They’re right too, as one Kool-Aid guzzling progressive learned when “he” did a “Karen” and tried to “mask shame” a Target shopper in a store full of deplorable Donald Trump supporters. He forgot that he wasn’t backed up by a squad of Antifa® when he decided to take the law into his own hands.

Karen throws a hissy fit

The interweb has labeled this alleged male with the name “Karen” and he’s never going to be able to live it down. He thought he was doing a good thing by stalking and harassing a woman around the local Target store.

The other shoppers know what it means to be vigilant too, so they jumped right in to intervene on the victim’s behalf.

Proudly wearing his “I’m vaccinated” pin like it was the star of Marshall Matt Dillon, Karen went on the offensive. The maskless woman stood her ground.

“You’re not gonna follow me around in the store and point at me to people. So I will video you.” The mask Nazi didn’t mind. That’s when the other shoppers joined the fray.

“Leave her alone! Leave her alone!” bystanders can be heard scolding as they used their carts to separate the combatants. Store security is nowhere in sight. They apparently grabbed some popcorn and were watching things develop on the monitors.

“What are you doing?” Karen quizzes a woman scooting her cart in front of him, blocking his progress. “This is between the two of us.” That sounds threatening.


My wife is a specialist

According to Karen, his alleged wife is allegedly “a specialist in infectious diseases” which would make him an expert through osmosis. He can’t believe others are taking the side of and anti-masker.

“It’s all of our jobs as a community to come together to make sure that people are shamed.” He plans to go around one by one for the rest of his life on the quest.

Things really went south for Karen when he observed “You’re a bad American!” His victim’s broadside blast wasn’t what he was expecting in return. “I am, and I voted for Trump!”

The liberal couldn’t say a word other than accuse her of being “a bad person” which drew cheers and applause from the crowd. “Yay! I voted for him too!”

The social media response was brutal. Karen isn’t popular with the masses. Buck Sexton started it going by noting it is becoming “increasingly clear that mask shaming and severe testosterone deficiency are medically related phenomenon.”

That led to replies like the one from Paul Joseph Watson. “CNN is now inciting stalking and harassment like this. This is the kind of creep who watches Don Lemon.”