Mainstream Media Covers Up New Orleans Mass Shooting… Here’s Why

New Orleans Mass Shooting
Photo via ABC News Youtube Video Screenshot

Early Sunday morning, 10 people were shot, leaving at least two in critical condition, but nobody knew about it until very late Sunday afternoon.

For the most part, the mass shooting went uncovered in the TV media all day long.

And, outlets that did cover it, only reported it as a shooting.

The Mass Shooting

Typically, we all would have woken up to this news and the horrific details of the mass shooting to ruin our Sunday breakfast.

Remember when the Orlando shooting occurred? It was not even 6 a.m. and news coverage was saturated with the story.

Every station you turned on had coverage of the shooting, but that was not the case with the New Orleans shooting this Saturday.

Around 3:30 a.m., long after the Bayou Classic had ended, the corners of Bourbon and Canal were littered with blood and shell casings.

The shooting is expected to be somehow related to the Bayou Classic, an annual football game between Grambling State University and Southern University, both schools predominantly attended by black students.

And that right there is the reason the media did not cover this mass shooting as it would another shooting and it is the primary reason virtually every outlet designated it as just a “shooting” rather than a mass shooting.

It’s Only a Mass Shooting If It’s a White Shooter

I can already hear the shouts of racism for even penning these words, but this is something that needs to be said on behalf of the African American community.

I want you to imagine this shooting happened after the annual Duke-North Carolina basketball game.

Now let’s insert a white male college student as the shooter and what do you think the headlines would have read?

It would have been reported as a mass shooting on all fronts and it would have owned the network coverage the next morning.

So, why did most TV outlets only mention the story in passing, if at all, and why was it only tagged as a shooting instead of a mass shooting?

This is not a conspiracy, but a cold-hard fact.

Here are some of the tweets from outlets when they first broke the news.

Note the headlines in every story…

And here is a Google search I did just prior to writing this article… not a single headline says mass shooting even though I specifically searched for that term…

Google Front Page

The media is purposely belittling crimes within these communities to make mass shootings seem as though they only happen in white communities or by disgruntled whites.

Look at the violence that happens on a regular basis in cities like Chicago and Detroit where mass shootings happen every week, but the media reports them as shootings.

It creates a perception that their lives are not worth as much by the media, creating even more anger and divide throughout the country.

If you want to know who is responsible for the civil war that is about to rage in this country, don’t look at conservatives, look at the mainstream media who tell minorities in this country every day they are simply not worth it.

And where is the outrage from Democrats over these shootings?

That is the party that is supposed to be looking out for minorities, but because this was more than likely black-on-black crime, they simply do not care.

But, you better believe if this investigation turns up a white shooter, suddenly, headlines will be changed to mass shooting and every Democrat in office will be railing about gun control.


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