Lunatic Trump Hater Brutally Attacks 12 Year Old

Suspect description of lunatic who attacked 12 year old Trump supporter
Suspect description of woman who attacked 12 year old Trump supporter

In Boulder, Colorado, a 12 year old boy was riding his bicycle and carrying a Trump 2020 yard sign when he was brutally attacked by an anti-Trump lunatic riding past him.

The boy was riding his bicycle, minding his own business, when a woman riding a gray-blue moped drove past him.

Police say that she immediately made a U-turn, pulled up beside the boy and “began assaulting him because of his political banner.” According to the report, she struck the boy four or five times with a closed fist.

She then attempted to take the boy’s sign, which he was reportedly using to defend himself. Her attempt to steal the sign was unsuccessful.

The police have a description of the suspect, and are investigating. The woman was reportedly in her 20’s or 30’s, wearing a small tan jacket, blue shirt, and blue jeans. Her hair was blondish-brown, and past her shoulders.

The boy’s father has stated that he will be pressing charges.

Denver7 News spoke with the boy, who stated that this wasn’t the first time he was attacked for supporting President Trump, though it was the first time it was done by an adult:

Twitter has become inundated with conservatives decrying the incident, especially since it wasn’t the first time a lunatic anti-Trump activist has attacked a child, or worse.

Buck Sexton, host of a conservative podcast, says that the root cause of these attacks is mental illness:



  1. Filthy brainwashed DEMOCRATS!

    They are brainwashed… not mentally ill!

    Brainwashed by Democrat politicians lying about our President, even to the point they planned & tried to carry out a coup to overthrow President Trump.

    Brainwashed in schools K-12 and at most colleges… just like the Nazis did in Germany in the 30s & 40s.

    Brainwashed by the Main Stream Media aka the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party… just like Joseph Goebbels & the Nazis did.

  2. The liberal TDS democrats have become demonic lunitics. That 65million Hillary voters push to destroy their own communities, their own country, attacking children, their own.
    Oh honey….it is soooo on!!


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