Louisville Church Offers Safe Haven for Rioters, White People Told to ‘Get the F*** OUT’


While the U-Haul full of riot equipment was being unloaded in Louisville, Kentucky for the first night of Breonna Taylor riots, a so called “church” was offering safe haven sanctuary to looters fearing arrest. When they did it again the next night, social media caught their racially biased prejudice on camera as White people and videographers were ordered to “get the f–k out.”

Church ‘sanctuary,’ but not for Whites

The Catholic Church is convinced that the “children of darkness” running rampant through the streets of Democrat run cities are a modern rabble army for the forces of evil incarnate. Unitarians, on the other hand, are all the way over on the far-left of the political spectrum, providing sanctuary for illegal aliens and anarchist rioters alike. Except for the White ones. They can “f–k off.”

For some strange reason, the name George Soros keeps coming up over and over again in Google searches for the Unitarian Church. It’s no surprise that they would offer “safe haven to protesters who would otherwise be arrested.”

You would hardly imagine that videos recorded just outside a church building would contain so much profanity. If looters and rioters were educated enough to speak properly, they wouldn’t grow up to be anarchists, but that’s what happens when you allow liberals to intentionally dumb down the children over the span of half a century. One profanity laden clip captures the part where “white people are being berated and exhorted to leave “get the f–k out”

Threatened with assault

“White people have just been threatened with assault and kicked out of the church sanctuary grounds. Almost all press were demanded to leave as well.” One member of the congregation tried to explain in an interview that “the purpose” of allowing sanctuary to rioters was to “provide a safe space of love and compassion in the service of justice.” The love and compassion didn’t extend outside where scuffles and name calling was rampant.

Black Lives Matter rioters were invited in for refreshments and legal aid for any protesting people of color. White people were too privileged to be allowed into their Unitarian Church clubhouse. They might start talking about the connections George Soros has to the Rothschild family. He’s apparently been funneling some of their uncountable billions into Unitarian causes and political candidates in the Unitarian flock.

Police surrounded the sanctuary church and the rebel anarchists quickly took it as a sign of police oppression, believing themselves to be under siege. That charge was debunked when the fact checkers found out that the police let everyone go home, as long as they walked along the sidewalk from the rebel fortress to their cars.


  1. Get a warrant or use probable cause and go get ’em! There is no US Law that allows churches to offer sanctuary to criminals, and there never has been. As you leave, Thank the church leader for rounding them up for you.
    By US Law, even Church Leaders and employees can be arrested for harboring criminals. The old “Church Will Provide Sancuary” was never a part of US Criminal Code. So kick ass and take names!

  2. Since this so called church refuses to follow the law regarding civil rights for all people regardless of their race or sex and allows lawbreakers to hide in it they should lose all tax exempt status that churches normally get.

  3. After leaving the Methodist church because it allowed an atheist to teach Sunday school, my wife and I went to a Unitarian Church. They had a Muslim then a Hindu, and another non-Christian run services. It seemed that when a Unitarian prayed, it was to who it concerned.

    A Church that can not that Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but also God, IS NOT a Christian church. They might preach good morals and such and be nice people, but they’re not Christian.

  4. Not a Church NOT EVEN CLOSE. Nothing but a bunch of WACKOS claiming to be a Church for a Tax break. If Soros is involved in any way it is a TERRORISTS ORGANIZATION.

  5. When is Soros going to be arrested for crimes against humanity and nation destabilisation acts? Other countries have banned him ..including his own Hungary… and his companies. Why not the US?


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