Lori Lightfoot Just Flipped


Despite initial hesitation, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has agreed to President Donald Trump’s offer of sending federal law enforcement to aide in reducing crime in the Windy City.

ANTIFA and BLM Take Over

However, the Democrat’s stipulations include no patrol protests like what federal officials have been doing in ANTIFA ridden Portland, Oregon.

Chicago and other cities across the county have been taken over by violent Black Lives Matter rioters. The Trump administration announced it would send federal agents to these areas to fight back the rise in crime.

Lightfoot Talks with Trump

President Trump and Mayor Lightfoot spoke last week. Lightfoot claimed that Trump “realized that what he did in Portland was a grave abuse of his presidential power,” even though proof of such does not seem to exist.

Portland has seen extreme violence and the Department of Homeland Security has sent agents to protect the federal courthouse, which has been lit on fire and vandalized by BLM anarchists.

Chicago is expected to receive approximately 200 federal officials, Breitbart News reports.

Lightfoot Changes Her Tune

Lightfoot, who is a former federal prosecutor, has certainly changed her tune at least a little. She went from calling federal law enforcement officials terrorists to now accepting Trump’s offer as the violence in her city skyrockets.

Crime and murder have been a staple in this city for decades and residents begged former President Barack Obama for help in solving the issues – which he failed to do on every level. Under the leadership of Lightfoot, Chicago has devolved into a lawless society run by thugs and gangs.

Newsmax reported that Lightfoot, “has accepted additional FBI, DEA, and ATF agents to come to her city to augment and assist local police efforts to control the violence, but the ‘critical difference’ is that the agents will be managed by ‘the U.S. Attorney here in Chicago who I know and trust.'”

Democrats are Mad at Mayor’s Choice

In response to criticism from other Democratic politicians, Lightfoot discussed her terms and conditions.

“If there was anything that happened like that, we would be making sure that we did everything possible to stop that in its tracks,” Lightfoot said. “These are not troops. Troops are people who come from the military. That’s not what’s coming to Chicago, and I’ve drawn a very firm line against that.”

“These agents have had offices in the city of Chicago for probably 50-plus years or longer,” she continued. “They’re always actively engaged on a variety of different issues…so (they’re) adding to existing infrastructure that’s already been in place.”

Oh, have the tides changed. As chaos continues to strip American cities of law and order, it gets to the point where even Democrats are asking for help in restoring some sort of stability.


  1. That mayor is the WHOLE PROBLEM. Democrats like her are destroying our Country. We can not stand for that. Vote these ignorant libtards OUT !!!…Starting in NOVEMBER……….


  2. Lightfoot wants Trump to bail her butt out of an embarrassing situation since she cannot control her crime ridden city and most of it is because she is not a leader. She is in no position to make demands or set conditions. Trump has every bit of authority to step in and secure the area. She is a failed leader.

  3. I really like the idea of ATFE thugs beating up and arresting Chicago hooligans. That takes some pressure off the Second Amendment and decent Americans.

  4. I don’t understand how people like Lightfoot and other Dems that have taken office to help and improve people’s lives can stand by while they are being killed each and everyday. Then to have the gall to blame everyone else for their own failure at a job they can’t do! You are killing your own people OLD & YOUNG! The Dems & BLM are to blame no on else!!!

  5. The Democrats seem to be asking Trump for help in fixing the hell holes they have created. They could do it themselves if they only had a brain-a set of balls could also be helpful. Lightfoot says the problem they have is too many guns-I say they have too many gangsters (she almost brags that they have 117,000 gang bangers in the City of Chicago). They don’t have too many guns, they have too many guns in the wrong hands. Gangster thugs make their living doing illegal things. Investigate these illegal activities and find reasons why a lot of the thugs should be jailed and a lot more deported. Once you have made a serious cut into the supply of thugs, you are well on your way to eliminating the bigger problem-the stupid, but deadly, shootings.

  6. She knows President Trump can save that Democratic (S) hole from complete disaster, unfortunately she wants to let another corrupt to the core Democrat tell them what and how to do things. This isn’t going to turn out well at all.

  7. Lightfoot is actually “light brain” – -she has NO authority to dictate “how” federal troops will patrol, or control dangerous rioters. Factually, if she tries to interfere, is eligible for arrest and incarceration herself. Personally, I would LOVE to see that happen.

  8. Funny how when they get what they asked for … they don’t want it . I say let her rot in her shit hole city . Obama did so why shouldn’t trump . After all she called trump a racists , a kkk member and now that her little pets are turning on her and she may lose the up coming elections , She now turns over a new leaf . Funny how fear of losing her job and home makes all the difference , now she asks trump for help . I hope her pets burn her house down like she let them do to others homes and businesses . She deserves nothing less . All them delusional democrat governors and mayors will be turning new leafs too after their pet terrorists turn on them like here on Lightfoot . At least she has the right name Lightfoot on her feet to run when the pets come after her and they will look for her for turning on the delusional democrats party . They are the real masters behind all of this crap happening in our citys . Never forget that . They want everyone to think trump is the enemy for votes for them . See how this all gos away after November.


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