Loesch Blasts O’Rourke As He Continues to Push His False Gun Agenda Claims


Former NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch Blasts Beto O’Ruorke For Making False Claims

Texas native and presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said he planned to take guns away during the Democratic debate in Houston. O’Rourke said that the late Justice Antonin Scalia writing’s indicated that the government has the right to regulate ‘weapons of war’.

Wednesday night O’Rourke was a guest on CNN, and talked about his proposal to confiscate guns. O’Rourke said, “Scalia said there is no absolute guarantee under the Second Amendment, that the government does not have the right to regulate certain guns. Guns that are extraordinary unusual or deadly”.

Dana Loesch the former spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, affirmed what O’Rourke said was in fact, ‘false’. Loesch appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ to refute just about everything O’Rourke claimed.

Loesch said of O’Rourke, “he doesn’t quite understand what the founders intentions were. Our founders owned weapons of war, canons were weapons of war. Our founders and the people that made up the average colonists that formed Washington’s army owned weapons of war”.

Dana Loesch Said Scalia Was Talking About Commonly Owned Weapons Covered By The 2nd Amendment

Loesch said when Scalia made those statements, he was talking about commonly owned weapons. She went on to say that weapons such as AR-15s would be covered by the Second Amendment. Loesch continued that O’Rourke, is ‘deliberately’ misleading the American people with talks about ‘weapons of war’.

Dana went on to further say that ‘the statements by O’Rourke, clearly shows he doesn’t understand the history of the constitution and the Second Amendment’.


The former Texas Congressman keeps trying to justify the government’s ability to take guns away. Loesch assured that currently the government doesn’t have the right to seize legally owned guns. Dana further suggests that if this could ever happen ‘is plain wrong’.

Loesch also said she thinks O’Rourke knows what he is saying is completely impossible. However he keeps saying these things, just to gain favor with voters and remain relevant. Dana who was once a Democrat and worked on Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign, called on the other present democratic candidates, she said the other candidates have a duty to call O’Rourke out on his false Second Amendment statements.

O’Rourke Appeared On CNN With Chris Cuomo & Was Asked Directly About His Gun Plan

O’Rourke appeared on CNN’s ‘Prime Time With Cuomo’, and was asked point blank about his gun confiscation proposal. The father of three said when it comes AR-15s and AK-47’s those guns do need to be confiscated.

The El Paso, TX resident said he ‘believes those weapons are created for mass destruction’. He believes they are ‘weapons of war, designed for war fields’. He also said that the GOP is engaging in ‘fear mongering’ and looking to twist his proposal, to suit their counter objectives. During the debate in Houston earlier this month, O’Rourke’s aggressive gun confiscation proposal was met with a huge round of applause.



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