Local Police Force Just Destroyed the Entire Left’s Narrative


Police in Peoria, Arizona totally destroyed the entire racial bias narrative of the left. Not all those in blue are trained killers with little piggy eyes and low foreheads with nothing better to do than murder Black folks. In the Northwest part of metro-Phoenix, officers didn’t shoot the suspect when they took him into custody, even though he was an armed, young, Black Latino who rampaged for over an hour on a tri-city shooting spree which left one man dead and a dozen more injured.

Police arrest killer

The story has been gripping everyone’s attention for days but the juicy details weren’t released until Friday. Ashin Tricarico, age 19, of Surprise, Arizona, fired shots at more than a dozen people with an assault rifle, killing one. We know now that the shooting spree which happened Thursday wasn’t the first of the series. Wednesday night, June 16 at around 6:15 p.m. the first crime happened at 94th Ave. & Olive, in Glendale. A man called to report a guy pointing a rifle at him from a White VW SUV while they were both parked at a Circle K convenience store. The victim was talking to his girlfriend on his phone. Tricarico saw him and got “upset.”

Court paperwork notes when the victim asked, “What’s up, man?” he said Tricarico responded, “You think you’re bad?” The victim “told police Tricarico then loaded an assault rifle and pointed it at him. As they both drove off, in the same direction, the victim said he heard a gunshot and glass breaking, so he ducked. But he was not hurt, and no bullet struck his vehicle.”

Tricarico happens to be a security guard, licensed to carry a gun. Back in April, he shot an intoxicated customer in the parking lot of the restaurant he works at. Allegedly in self-defense. Authorities are taking a fresh look at it in the new light of Thursday’s shooting spree. That string of incidents started just after 11:00 a.m. at Northern and 103rd avenue, in the town of Glendale.

Neighboring Peoria got multiple 911 calls about a shooting. “One driver told police he saw a woman getting out of a black Optima, ‘covered in blood and screaming ‘oh my God!'” The white VW SUV went around the woman’s car to speed away. The woman had her 3-year-old daughter in the car at the time. The driver was hit by shrapnel but the baby is just fine.

The next occurred at 101 & Thunderbird Road but police didn’t immediately find the victim. Then they noticed “a deceased man inside a red Toyota pickup truck in the canal that runs alongside the freeway.” That unfortunate man “had been shot in the neck.”

A witness said he saw “a white SUV pull up next to the truck, then heard a ‘pop,’ then saw the truck careen off the road.” Soon after that, “an officer driving along Union Hills Drive said she saw the white SUV, then noticed a red Chrysler 300 driving slowly with its hazards on. The red car’s back window had been shattered. The victim in that car was not hurt.”

One shot back

Two other victims were A man and his adult daughter driving on Union Hills Road. The woman was shot in the leg. The man was hit by shrapnel. One of the more interesting reports came in from the Surprise police. One man told them “he was walking along the sidewalk when a driver in a white SUV fired a gun at him.”

“That man was not struck, and actually fired his own gun back in the suspect’s direction.” In total there were 8 shooting incidents over an hour and a half. One person died and 3 were injured by bullets, 9 others were injured by flying glass and debris.


One set of witnesses got a license plate number and the vehicle was eventually boxed in at a shopping center in Surprise where the shooter surrendered voluntarily when surrounded by police officers with weapons drawn. Pastor Neil Betrue saw the commotion and got his cell phone set up to record.

“I did not know at the time it was a shooting spree happening. I just thought maybe there must have been a car chase or something.” The video clearly shows the suspect “raised his hands in the air. He then was cuffed without incident.” Betrue is “just thankful that he didn’t try to put the officers or any of the business or anyone else in harm’s way here.”

Similar incidents are happening more often in the metro-Phoenix area and police are well aware that it will only get worse. Liberal policies have officers leaving the force in droves. The favorite topic of conversation around the coffee pot is how many days to retirement.

Money isn’t enough to keep them around. They’re taking pay cuts just to get out. Another huge problem is no new officers are coming in to replace them. Personnel levels are dropping to the point it’s causing an impact. Officers are frustrated by the elimination of special details and requirements to act as supplemental patrol officers to fill in gaps.

The Band-Aid solutions aren’t covering the gaping hole in the budget. It’s not real good for morale to have liberal talking heads on TV doing everything they can to destroy local law enforcement from the comfort of a cushy studio. The big threat now is a total replacement of local law enforcement with a “Federal police force.”

That Deep State scheme seems to be working exactly as intended. For now, felony crimes are prosecuted fairly regularly but otherwise, crime is “out of control because there are no real penalties, especially on the misdemeanor side of things” one officer notes. “We are seeing some push back, but the liberals are in power everywhere, and don’t really care.” There are “no real penalties if you are on the liberal side of things.”


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