Little Leaguers Caught Staring At Breasts, Video Goes Viral

Little Leaguers
Little Leaguers

These beleaguered little leaguers were caught sharing a private moment where they were looking at a certain part of the female anatomy!

Indeed, I am not really sure whether I should be impressed, upset, or whether I want to laugh in the first place. Either way, someone just happened to capture this moment on film and these participants in the Little League World Series literally have the internet totally laughing and in stitches.

It was on Wednesday when two little league players had been caught on ESPN cameras gazing on something that a lot of men at one point in their life had looked. It was that of a blonde bearing her share of cleavage on their cell phone.

The boys reacted in just the same manner that almost all boys would, and there have been a lot of fans that are laughing. This would include former NBA star, Rex Chapman.

For starters, there were a few young players who were just sitting in the outfield that Williamport game, but the two players that were the subject of this video seemed to have other things in mind, for one of the players leaned in to the other player and showed him the sultry snap. The picture nearly hypnotized his seatmate, who tipped his head back, looking shocked and stunned.

The boy then pulled the cell phone away from him to show to another pal on his other side.

Chapman got a lot of laughs out of this video, especially considering that he is a media personality. “We’ve all bee there,” he wrote.