Lindsey Graham May Have Just Let the Trump Card Out of the Bag


Lindsey Graham has come a long way from the time he called Donald Trump a Jackass in July of 2015. Back then he had to put out a video on “How to Destroy Your Cell Phone” after Trump answered back. Mild mannered Lindsey was just a tad annoyed that his rough and tumble competitor for the Republican presidential primary gave his number out on TV. Some say he deserved it. In any case, the Senator from South Carolina took it in stride. After all, he did beg Trump for a reference as alleged. The two not only let bygones be bygones, they became fast friends and just spent two full days on the golf course, catching up and making plans for the future. Somewhere along the fairway, the cat jumped out of the golf bag.

Graham ready to tee up again

Once and Future President Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham insists, is “all in” on the plan to recapture the House and Senate for conservatives.

Another house that’s going to be recaptured is the White one. By Trump. “I will be shocked if he doesn’t run for president in 2024,” the senator prognosticates. “I think he’s all in to make sure we take back the House and the Senate and stop this craziness.”

“Joe Biden’s administration is out of control,” Graham declared, “and every day that passes, we appreciate Trump policies more and more.”

He knows who he’s backing. “We have a lot of talented people in the Republican Party. But I can tell you this, if President Trump runs in 2024, he will be the nominee of his party. His policies are standing the test of time.”

Fresh off the golf course at Trump’s seat of government in exile, Graham told Faux News that two days of golfing with the Deplorable in Chief has convinced him that Trump is “mad as hell” and chomping at the bit to settle his “unfinished business” with the Deep State.

“When you look at Trump’s four years compared to Biden’s six months, I like our chances to win the House and Senate in 2022 and to take back the White House in 2024.”

Trump can fix it

You can count on Trump to be out on the battlefield, Graham promises because the Imperial Palace way of doing things has American security “in free-fall.”

Despite the previous contest where he went head to head with the Donald, “it’s moments like this that remind us why President Trump was a good president.” Even more important, Trump “thinks he can fix it.”

Not only is Donald Trump “heartbroken about what’s going on in our country and the world at large,” he’s “mad as hell” at what Biden’s done. Take the ongoing invasion for example.

“The border is broken, rampant inflation, crime in the streets, radical Islam is on the rise.” To Graham, that means Trump “has a hell of a story to tell about what he did for this country. And more importantly what he can do.”

Another thing that’s crystal clear to all the ranking Republicans is the RINO rats have got to go. Either get on board the Trump train or get run over. “This is the party of Donald Trump. If you think otherwise, you are in for a rude awakening.”

As far as Lindsey Graham is concerned, Mitt Romney can go back to packing fudge with the Democrats and take Liz Cheney with him. Trump “believes he can put the country in a better position than Biden has it. And I agree with him,” he confirmed, even if he is a “jackass” once in a while.