Lindsey Graham Has the Votes, It’s Time to Drain the Swamp


It’s time to drain the swamp and Lindsey Graham has the votes to make it happen. Diane Feinstein isn’t about to sign off on Graham’s subpoena requests but Republicans hold the majority. Graham has a firm grip on the chain to the rubber stopper at the bottom of all that muck. Mark your calendars for June 4, 2020. Big names in beltway circles are already speed-dialing their attorneys.

Republicans hold the votes

A list of big political names are about to be summoned for an interrogation session and the votes are there to get it done. Republicans want to dive deep into the depraved depths of the Obamagate conspiracy. They aren’t wasting their time talking to California Democrat Diane Feinstein. The vote is scheduled for the first week of June, Graham announced Monday.

South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee but can’t issue subpoenas without either the signature of the “ranking member” or “a majority committee vote. The panel of 22 Senators leans right by a margin of 12-10 and they’re anxious to start grilling Deep State weasels.

The focus of the probe is on the “FISA abuse” committed by “all the presidents men” in Barack Obama’s administration. The intentional abuse, as opposed to “mistakes,” formed the core of the “Crossfire Hurricane” conspiracy to manufacture non-existent collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.

The plot evolved

After Trump managed to win the election despite the way the Federal Bureau of Instigation had it rigged, the plot evolved into a treasonous “coup” to overthrow a sitting president. The committee wants to get former FBI director James Comey back under the hot lights. He’ll have to bring along all his notes and records too. Former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe will also have a turn or two of the thumbscrews, along with former CIA Director John Brennan.

You can rest assured that after the votes are counted, these men will be pummeled with questions arising from the transcripts Richard Grenell exposed last week. The acting DNI revealed that “39 former senior Obama administration officials including Comey, Clapper and Brennan” demanded the “unmasking” of General Michael Flynn after he had been entrapped by the FBI. The Senators want to know how those unmasking requests relate to subsequent leaks of classified information to the liberal media.

Flynn was totally exonerated when Deep State prosecutors at the Department of Injustice were forced to cough up notes proving that Flynn was “entrapped” into lying to the FBI.


Christopher Steele and his dirty dossier

Another thing that Graham’s committee wants to get to the bottom of is a review of all the documents and communications related to “analysis of reports prepared by former British intelligence official Christopher Steele.” Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee hired him to dig up dirt on Trump.

They wanted to link Trump to Russia any way they could and didn’t care if the information was true or not. It wasn’t. Steele had one source and that source fed him what the Kremlin wanted Steele to hear. After all was said and done, it turned out that the only one colluding with Russia in the election was Hillary Clinton.

Once the Senate committee votes on June 4, the gloves will come off. All of “the president’s men” from Barack Obama’s administration have been on the stand before so now everything they say could result in perjury charges, on top of the potential treason. Obamagate truly is Watergate on steroids.


  1. What is so amazing is that it take’s 3 1/2 years to get these dirt bags to justice. They will plea the 5th and law’s need to come out before that where NO FEDERAL EMPLOYEE, PAST OR PRESENT CAN PLEA THE 5TH, IF THEY DO, LOSS OF ALL PENSIONS AND 20 YEARS IN JAIL, ONLY THEN WILL THIS TYPE OF ILLEGAL ACTIONS WILL STOP.


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