Lindsey Graham Has a Warning For The Democrats

Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham Says That If The Democrats Impeach Trump There Will Be Consequences

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) issued a dire warning over the weekend, he said ‘there will be hell to pay if President Trump is impeached’. The newest revelation in the ongoing Dem inspired Ukraine scandal is that there are more whistle blowers with first hand information.

One of Donald Trump’s stanchest supporters, Lindsey Graham said he told the President not to have China dig into Biden related issues. This ‘advise’ to the President comes at the same time, that he said the whistle blowers who have remained anonymous, will be revealed publicly.

Graham has vowed that in the event the Dems do impeach Trump, the whistle blowers, will have to tell all in public hearings. On Sunday information surfaced about a second whistle blower with first hand knowledge of the July 25 Trump-Ukraine phone call.

Graham a former attorney said that ‘anyone that is accused of a crime has a right to face their accusers’. He believes that the President has that right as well, ‘with everything conducted in secret, it raises issues of improper proceedings’.

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Graham appeared on ‘Fox News Sunday Morning Futures’ saying, “if an article of impeachment is derived from the whistle blower statements there is a process”. He said, the whistle blower must appear in public, placed under oath and cross examined.

Graham said if the House does not do what is proper regarding the whistle blower, the Senate will. Furthermore he said ‘any impeachment can not go forward, without the President being able to hear accusations directly from the accusers’.

All tough Biden has been cleared of any wrong doing, Trump repeatedly accuses him of ‘being corrupt’. The accusation against Trump is that he withheld aid to Ukraine until they produced dirt on Joe Biden.

One of Trump’s biggest rivals for the 2020 election. Biden has been accused of using his power as Vice President to increase monetary gain for his son Hunter Biden. Graham said, “I think it’s ridiculous to say the President did something wrong based on a phone call”.

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Giuliani said that the Biden family has engaged in wrong doing in both the Ukraine and China. Trump has been asking China to investigate Biden in the last week. Graham said that ‘isn’t a good idea to involve China in investigating the Bidens’.

Lindsey Graham said ‘he’s not saying that there was never any wrong doing on the part of the former Vice President’. Furthermore Graham said, “Somebody needs to look at the Bidens, whether or not they violated the law. They sure as hell looked at the Trumps, somebody needs to look at the Bidens”.

The White House said they are sending a formal letter to Nancy Pelosi on Monday. President Trump said that unless the Democrats hold a formal Impeachment vote, he will not cooperate with them.



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