Lindsey Graham Gives Democrats EXACTLY What They Wished For


After pressuring Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to put Robert Mueller on the witness stand, Democrats got a lesson in karma. One of the things people often learn too late is to be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. Mueller is about to be dragged over hot coals because he went public about the Roger Stone fiasco.

Graham wants answers any way he can get them

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee isn’t happy with the Deep State. South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham wants to interrogate every one of the Obama administration officials involved in the conspiracy to overthrow President Donald Trump. Preferably with a blow torch and some jumper cables. Unfortunately, Senate rules limit his torture to verbal abuse.

Mueller asked for it and Graham gave it to him. Mueller was appointed in May 2017 to investigate non-existent “Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.” He didn’t find any but convinced Congress to try and impeach Trump anyway. He had the nerve to send in an opinion article to a particularly rabid liberal media outlet on Saturday, defending “his office’s prosecution of Roger Stone.”

“Apparently Mr. Mueller is willing – and also capable – of defending the Mueller investigation through an oped in the Washington Post,” Graham tapped out on Twitter. “Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have previously requested Mr. Mueller appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about his investigation. That request will be granted.”

The grand inquisitor himself

When Robert Mueller appears to testify before the committee, he’ll be glad he isn’t alone with Lindsey Graham and a phone book. The grand inquisitor himself will be stretched on the rack and badgered relentlessly about how he destroyed Roger Stone. That will only be the beginning.

Adam Schiff’s head is spinning so hard that his skinny little neck is twisted in spirals. He’s been demanding Mueller be allowed to testify about what he tortured out of innocent people but Graham wouldn’t allow the nonsense to drag on needlessly. Now that he’s getting what he wanted, Schiff is “skeptical” of Grahams secret “motivations” in changing his mind now.

“I suspect all Lindsey Graham wants to do is continue his counter-factual, that is that Donald Trump was somehow the victim.” Schiff continues to hallucinate that “Donald Trump was the one inviting Russians to help him get elected in the first place,” even though his hidden transcripts finally hit the news stands proving Russiagate was a sham from the start.

Graham warned the Democrats on his panel to think twice, and even gave them time to reconsider their strategy before Mueller shot his mouth off. “As to Mr. Mueller,” Graham said at a recent meeting, “If you want to call him, I will. I would just ask you to think twice about that.” As soon as they open a door with questioning, Graham will kick it in. He’s more than a little angry these days.


  1. Lindsey wants to question some Ovomit officials but he didn’t want to question Ovomit or Biden because he didn’t want to “set a bad precedent.” What the hell does he think the communist did to our president Donald Trump? This is classic Lindsey Graham, all show and no go.

    • Lindsey Graham is a big mouth and does nothing but collect money from the federal govt. He does not deserve to be a US Senator. Head of Judiciary committee. How did this happen to a “do nothing, know nothing, lazy sob?” Has done nothing with the criminals in the FBI, CIA, HIllary Clinton and gang, CIA, and others involved in trying to overthrow our president. Lindsey Graham should be overthrown out of office back to SC and he can sip some juleps under a tree. That is all he can ever do.

  2. When it comes down to it, none of the Congressional “investigations” have ever amounted to any action. The Deep State rules.

    The Congress is a joke as is their fake bullshit investigations. It’s all political show.

    The only thing these clowns do for real is piss off billions of our tax dollars.

  3. Ya, it’s time Ole Lindsey Baby “Step Up” and STOP His Bullshit of WTF he wants to do, will do or is going to do!!!!!!!!!! WTF Lindsey …”””””””””””””””Get the Hell with it, will You!!!!!!!!!!!!”””””””””””””



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