Liberals Flipping Out as Controversial Couple Come Forward with Ominous Warning


While a rioting mob of anarchists were busy burning Kenosha, Wisconsin to the ground Monday night, St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey were ominously warning viewers of the Republican National Convention that Democrats will destroy America’s suburbs. They’re personally looking at felony weapons charges for the crime of defending their home from a mob of Black Lives Matter terrorists in June but liberals are flipping their lids that others might decide to protect their own  homes too.

A stark warning to suburban America

American suburban neighborhoods “would be overrun by crime and lawlessness if Democrat Joe Biden wins in November,” the McCloskeys alert. “No matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America,” Patricia McCloskey adds. It’s crystal clear that Joe Biden wants to “abolish the suburbs” by ending single-family home zoning, which she said would “bring crime, lawlessness and low-quality apartments into now-thriving suburban neighborhoods.” He wants to abolish your personal vehicle too.

Residents of Kenosha agree with that warning wholeheartedly. Anarchists burned most of the city and because they far outnumbered law enforcement, the locals are coming to the conclusion if they don’t protect themselves, nobody else is going to do it either. At least not under Democrat rule.

President Donald Trump wants to remind everyone that he represents “law-and-order,” while the Democrats are clearly aligned with the children of darkness to promote anarchy and chaos. The warning that “vengeful mobs are tearing down Democratic-run cities” speaks for itself. Like President Trump tweeted recently, “suburban housewives” want safety and having “a Democrat in the White House would bring chaos to neighborhoods.” Were seeing chaos in neighborhoods wherever liberals are in control of the local government already.

As the McCloskeys pointed out, Joe Biden claims to resist calls to “defund the police” but he’s already committed to doing it. Everybody knows he’s only a puppet figurehead who does whatever his Deep State handlers tell him to do. Another consideration is that many consider him to just be a placeholder until after the election, warning that if he’s elected, Kamala Harris will soon be named as his replacement.

Rights under the Second Amendment

The McCloskeys are both lawyers so they were well aware of the rights they have under the Second Amendment to defend their castle from an invading mob. They openly brandished powerful weapons including a semi-automatic rifle, as a bold and stark warning not to cross the property line. The mob could demonstrate peacefully as much as they wanted but if they tried to attack, they would be met with deadly force. Obviously, it worked and the rioters “marched by their home.”

From the convention stage, the McCloskeys also issued a warning about the upside down way that justice is being dispensed these days. They slammed local St. Louis authorities for charging them when the criminals were allowed to do as they please. “Why do we have laws?” The lawyers demand to know. They defended themselves from an “out-of-control mob” and now face punishment for it. They had the right to defend their property and they’re vigorously defending themselves in court over it.

The McCloskeys are firmly behind President Trump because he “will defend the God-given right of every American to protect their homes and families,” Mark McCloskey asserts. Meanwhile, “the Democrats have brought us nothing but destruction.” The residents of Kenosha will strongly agree with Patricia McCloskey that “what you saw happen to us could just as easily happen to any of you who are watching from quiet neighborhoods around our country.”


  1. Our subdivision has already started forming a Security Force to protect our property and families. We have more than enough heavily armed residents to provide for four-hour watches of twenty men each. We also have the ‘makings’ for personnel IED’s to line the road with.
    There’s only one way in and out and we have front loaders to barricade the road with. There are large trees on each side of the road to station defenders behind and over 200 acres on each side of the 3/4 mile road to bury them in.
    We’ll have canopies to shelter under, wood stoves for heat and a distribution system for food and water.
    Bring it on BLM and Antifa. You come, we party. Rural East Texans aren’t the wimps in the cities.

  2. My sole concern for November is voter fraud. There is already reporting of voter fraud during the primaries, local elections and in preparation for the Presidential election. Packages were intercepted at O’Hare Airport containing thousands of fake drivers licenses coming from China to provide identification for otherwise illegal voters. How many similar packages have already gotten thru?

  3. An interesting side note is St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey are Democrats. The very fact that they’re coming out to support President Trump is what is driving Progressives in the Democratic Party NUTS!!!! The McCloskey’s only crime is they stood up for their own Rights and are now being hounded by the St. Louis District Attorney’s Office. The bright side of this is that the Missouri State Attorney Office have come out in support of the McCloskey’s. The Missouri Governor has also stated that if the McCloskey’s are found Guilty, he will issue a State Pardon for the both of them. My Best Wishes and Prayers are with Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

  4. “They openly brandished powerful weapons including a semi-automatic rifle”…so a puny, non working handgun is a powerful weapon? Who writes this firearms illiterate trash? Learn something about firearms before making a fool out of yourself, Mr. author!!


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