Liberals Create Foul-Mouthed Shock-Attack Video Against Trump… Using Children!

Liberals exploiting children to take shots at Trump.

Pussy Scouts

We always talk about protecting our children and keeping them away from the vile parts of society at a young age until we have no choice but to let them go out on their own.

Liberals are really good about using words like “safe zone” to provide protection for children from the horrors of conservatism.

Well, then how do you explain a video with children cursing like truck drivers and using language most normal people would be ashamed to use around a child?

Prepare yourself, especially if you are a parent, because this video will make you sick…

Using Children to Attack Conservatives

There is a disturbing new wave building momentum among liberals.

That is the movement to use children to attack conservatives. This is done to evoke emotion, but they are failing miserably at it.

Conservatives are not innocent in this tactic, but they seem to have a bit more class and honesty about it.

For instance, Mini AOC was all the rage until she started to receive death threats from liberals.

Her account was all in fun, though. This adorable little girl looked exactly as you would have expected AOC to look like as a child.

However, she never cursed or used language that would make brothel owner blush. It truly was all in good fun and meant to boost her desire to be an actress.

Honestly, if there was a mini-Trump or a mini-Dan Crenshaw, I think it would be funny, but this is just completely off the hook and way over the line.

Then we have liberals and the case of Greta.

Greta is the Uber-dedicated “green” supporter that was later found out to have been manipulated by liberals simply to impact emotion in those that saw her.

After all, if a child like this was so worried about the environment that she became an expert on climate change before the age of 16, we have to do something, right?

Well, as it turns out, she was nothing more than a talking head who is suddenly completely off the radar after being used, abused, and discarded by the left.

Then we have a video like this that I am assuming was supposed to be funny.

I have to ask, what types of parents would allow their children to participate, let alone view, something as foul as this?

They are literally called the “Pussy Scouts”! What maniac thought this would be a good idea?

Chances are those little girls had no idea what they were even talking about; they were just tools used by some sick liberal to take a shot at the President.

You want to expose the liberal nonsense these whack jobs are using to poison the minds of our children against conservatives? Share this video so everyone you know can see to what lengths they are willing to go, even if it includes poisoning the minds of little girls and possibly tainting their image forever.



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