Liberal Who called Taliban her ‘Brothers’ Loses Seat

Called Taliban
Called Taliban

American liberals go over the top, but guess what? It doesn’t just happen in America. This liberal called Taliban “her brothers!”

Apparently, conservative candidate Michelle Ferrreri is now slated to defeat Liberal Minister Maryan Monsef, after over 130 polls have now been counted in Canada, our neighbors to the North.

As of 11 PM on Monday night, Ferrerri had garnered 9,088 votes, literally beating Monsef in a cake-walk since she only had 7,081. Monsef had made quite a few gaffes during her contest against Ferrerri.

This former Liberal Minister for Gender Equality received some major backlash after she used a poor choice of words to describe the Taliban during a press conference that was meant to provide updates on the current situation in Afghanistan, just a few days after their election had been called. To wit, she referred to the Taliban as “our brothers”, and of course they are anything but.

Monsef is herself an Afghan Canadian, and her exact wording was as follows: “I want to take this opportunity to speak to our brothers the Taliban; we call on you to ensure the safe and secure passage of any individual in Afghanistan out of the country. We call on you to immediately stop the violence, the genocide, the femicide, the destruction of infrastructure, including heritage buildings.”

She continued with the following statement: “We call on you to return immediately to the peacekeeping table, to the peace deal that was negotiated, and to ensure women and minorities voices are a part of that discussion in a meaningful way.”

She made this statement just one day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had changed his tone in dealing with the Taliban. Earlier, the prime minister had said that Canada had no intentions to recognize the Taliban.


Trudeau also said that there were certain criteria that the terror group would need to meet so that they could possibly be heard on an international level.