Liberal Media is Clutching onto Every Single Republican Turncoat Right Now

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The Left-wing media is teaming up with Trump traitors to help usher in the Biden administration this January. Erick Erickson is the latest Republican talk show host to bash Trump and his supporters. Is it time to give up and accept Joe Biden as president?

Mainstream media is pushing Trump out

Right-wing talk show host Erick Erickson has some harsh words for Trump supporters. You lost.

Now get over it and stop blaming everyone else. Erickson joins the growing chorus of voices on the Right, including Fox News, who say the race is over and it’s time to move on.

“Might as well start up the nightly bag of hate mail with some blunt truths,” Erickson began. “I say this as a supporter and donor of the President’s re-election effort. A lot of his core supporters, who’ve never contributed a penny to his campaign, will blast me as NeverTrump, but… According to the Trump World narrative, the President was failed by multiple chiefs of staff, his first attorney general, and now his second Durham investigation that would expose everything is exposing nothing, not even itself. But just you wait and see!”

Erickson went on to say Fox News was right to call Arizona for Biden, and it doesn’t matter that they called it early.

“The Trump controlled Department of Justice and Trump controlled FBI are in on stealing the election from their boss along with possibly the CIA and now Fox News whose accurate call of Arizona was right, but hurt feelings by coming too soon.”

Erickson believes the lawsuits and hearings are a tremendous waste of time and President Trump should just concede and move on.

Voter fraud presidential election 2020

“The lawsuits being filed by President Trump’s team are all being tossed from court, often by the judges the President himself picked. The lawyers have failed him. So have his judges and courts. Maybe it is all a grand conspiracy or maybe, just maybe, and this is a wild idea, but maybe the man who said he hired the best people didn’t and that ultimately means that he’s not actually very good at picking the right people. But wait…there’s more.”

Erickson ended his long twitter rant by stating there is no conspiracy between the Democrats and the mainstream media to rig the election.

Trump lost fair and square and he’s too ashamed to admit it. And now his supporters are getting played and going along with this voter fraud conspiracy.

“Ultimately it is really you who are the problem because you so willingly got played and even now want to be played because now you’re emotionally invested in a cause and a candidate… and to admit you were played and he lost and there was no deep state conspiracy or theft of the election would actually make you look bad.”

Ouch. Well many Trump supporters are convinced there was wide scale voter fraud and there is plenty of evidence that suggests it.

As time goes by, more and more people are losing hope. Was this a deep state coup? Or is America turning Blue?


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