Liberal Judge Orders Woman to Write Letters to Ex-Fiance Who Cut Her Throat… or Else!

Judge Bad Decision
Photo Courtesy of Clyde Robinson via Creative Commons License

If you want an example of liberalism run amok within the justice system, then look no further than this 2015 story regarding one Natalie Allman and her insanely jealous ex-fiancé Jason Hughes.

She broke up with the man (read: boy) after he started drinking heavily and became increasingly controlling, but she allowed him to stay with her until he could find an apartment. That was her first mistake.

Her next mistake was thinking that this man-child of an ex-boyfriend of hers would be able to handle her seeing someone else. Indeed, when Jason Hughes learned about this, he went berserk, waiting until the middle of the night to start beating on her with dumbbells and slashing her throat while their two-year-old twin boys watched.

This hideous incident happened in 2012, and Allman called the police on her ex-fiancé. In August 2012, he was ultimately sentenced to nine years in a United Kingdom prison for the offense, and Miss Allman got a new man in her life and began a more peaceful chapter. All’s well that ends well, right? Think again.

Almost three years after this horrible incident, Allman’s children were adjusting well and getting ready to start school. Unfortunately, that’s when Natalie Allman received a letter from her ex-boyfriend that was designed under what is called the U.K.’s Residence and Contact Order of Section 8 of the Children Act of 1989.

In a nutshell, this is a law that mandates a man has the right to have contact with his children regardless of how abusive or violent he might have been.

Natalie Allman and her new partner, Wayne Young, discussed how they should react to this letter announcing his application, even thought about ignoring it altogether.

However, Natalie realized very quickly this wouldn’t work once she noticed that if she didn’t send him the letters requesting updates about his son and allow him to send them gifts and birthday cards, she could possibly be held in contempt and be thrown in jail herself.

“I read this order and it literally made me feel physically ill,” Allman said. “The very thought that I was going to have to communicate with this man and give him updates about his children about what he did is completely wrong. I realize he is the father, but I really thought that he should have lost the right to be in my children’s lives after what he did.”

Allman was not only shocked but angry as well.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “The very nerve of these people treating me like I’m the criminal and threatening to tear me away from my children, and possibly throwing me in jail when we’re the victims, not him!”

Unfortunately, it got worse for Natalie Allman and her family.

Not only did the court take the side of her abusive, incarcerated ex, but they also funded his defense totally free through legal aid.

Natalie, on the other hand, had to spend 3,000 pounds of her own money in order to hire an expensive attorney.

Although Jason Hughes is indeed the father of these two boys, they don’t want anything to do with him either.

They called him “the nasty man in prison” and they want to throw his letters in the trash bin. They want Wayne to adopt them, but he can’t do it unless Hughes gives consent.

Here’s the part that is just a little bit ironic: the kids actually smashed up the letters before they threw them in the trash bin, but Natalie had to flatten them out in case the court needed them!


  1. Pack up and get the hell out of the country. Sooner or later this guy will be let out for “good behavior” and he will head right to the mother as he is really pissed at her and is using the children to use the court for what he wants, not what the victims want and what he wants is to finish what he started with the mother, it’s called revenge murder. Jus what is going on within the law system in Britain, it sounds like the progressive socialist democratic ideas showing up in our law system.


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