Let The Lawsuits Begin: Fired Healthcare Workers Band Together


“Okay, bring it on,” Minnesota healthcare workers defy. “Go ahead and threaten to fire us. Guess what? We’ll see you in court.” Around 200 of them already filed suit seeking a hold on the pending and probably unconstitutional requirements. “Get the shots or hit the bricks,” they were official warned. With that kind of ultimatum on the table, no matter what happens the patients will lose.

Healthcare worker revolution

The lawsuit filed on Monday, September 27, by a couple hundred disgruntled healthcare workers in Minnesota will have wider ranging consequences because it was filed in federal court.

The frontline medical staff are demanding their employers and federal officials reconsider the requirement “that they receive the coronavirus vaccine or face possible termination.”

Specifically, the healthcare workers named “federal officials and about 20 providers that operate hospitals and clinics across Minnesota.” The doctors, nurses, and technicians argue that “the lack of alternatives to vaccination infringes” on their constitutional rights.

The suit requests “a temporary injunction to bar any terminations or steps to put unvaccinated health workers on unpaid leave.” At least, until they sort it out in court.

According to Greg Erickson, attorney for the healthcare plaintiffs, you’re “talking about people who held the hand of people dying of COVID.”

“These folks risked their lives to help these patients and now they’re being terminated because their religious beliefs won’t allow them to take the vaccine? It’s really sad.”


A political maneuver

Everybody knows there isn’t any solid science behind the total control mandate. Word came down from the Imperial Palace recently when His Wisdom Joe Biden unveiled the plot his handlers came up with to “mandate coronavirus vaccinations for workers in a variety of healthcare workplaces” by mid-October.

The voters of every flavor are solidly convinced that “people should not lose their job for opposing vaccine mandates.”

If the judge decides to side with the Deep State propaganda mill and deny the injunction, the consequences will be immediate and devastating. Ready to join the Minnesota healthcare workers in walking off the job are thousands more just like them in all the other states. Along with police, fire, and other first responders.

There are massive labor shortages in all of those industries to start with. Nobody has any answer to where the replacements will come from. The National Guard resources are already being tapped but they can only spread so thin. They won’t be real thrilled to get called into action without getting paid for it again either.

A recent conservative action poll reflects that a whopping 65 percent of Americans agree with the statement “No, Americans shouldn’t be out of a job if they reject the vaccine.” On the flip side, only 22.2 percent thought “they should be relieved from their positions.”

The healthcare workers will be sure to bring up the argument that natural immunity might be even more effective than the vaccines. When you catch the virus and your body fights it off, it’s ready to deal with it the next time the virus comes around. Not only that, the vaccine is no guarantee you won’t catch the virus. It’s all a sham and everyone knows it but Joe Biden.