Lesbian Tinder Date Turns Gruesome, Police Find Trash Bags Full of Dismembered Body Parts


The dating world can be tough, especially considering that you just don’t always know who you’re dealing with. Take Tinder, for example.

On the surface, it would appear that it is a good dating app for those on the dating scene simply because it allows users to scroll through and “swipe” the pictures of those who they feel they are the most compatible with.

However, even when a user has “matched” with another like-minded individual, they are still dealing with strangers. Take the case of Sydney Loofe in Omaha. 


She had set up a date with Bailey Boswell, but it turns out that it had all been just a set-up. She was ambushed and brutally murdered, and her remains were ultimately dismembered and disposed of in trash bags.


According to a report from the Omaha World-Herald, 26-year-old Bailey Boswell was convicted of first-degree murder, improper disposal of human remains, and conspiracy to commit murder.


Her dating partner Sydney Loofe had arranged to meet her in 2017 and she was from Lincoln. However, investigators were able to put the pieces together because Loofe disappeared right after her Tinder date with Boswell. 

Of course, Boswell’s defense attorney argued that one of the reasons why this Tinder date went so poorly (the understatement of the year!) is because she claimed that her boyfriend had forced her into taking part in this gruesome killing and dismemberment.

State prosecutor Mike Guinan had a counterargument that Boswell in concert with 54-year-old Aubrey Trail to meet Loofe and then kill her. 

When you consider just how heinous this crime was, it comes as no surprise that Boswell is possibly facing the death penalty.

All of the elements of premeditation are there. In fact, Boswell could almost make a run on some of these serial killers in terms of just how gruesome her crime was! 

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  1. There is NO reason why people that commit premeditated murder shouldn’t be executed. You can’t “Rehabilitate” them, so why spend “MILLIONS” keeping them alive? For 20 years they sit in prison while their attorney spends you tax dollars trying to get them off. He becomes a millionaire, you “Get the Shaft”!

  2. I’ve always said that online dating can be dangerous. Your dealing with strangers and they don’t always tell the truth about who they are.


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