Leaked Phone Call Exposes Obama’s Agenda for 2020

Barack Obama is making misleading claim's about the Flynn decision.

Thanks to a “leaked” phone call, former President Barack Obama is back in the news. Although he has been conspicuously noncommittal for most of this election cycle, Obama’s agenda for 2020 is finally revealed. Obama and the rest of the Democrat establishment are ramping up efforts to block the re-election of President Donald Trump. True to form, they are relying on misinformation, repeating lie after polished lie, until it sounds like the truth.

Obama’s Agenda, Part 1: Gather the Troops 

Speaking privately to 3000 former members of his administration, the ex-President made several strong comments leveled at his successor. He criticized President’s Trump’s supposed mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, blasting his response as “tribal,” “anemic” and “spotty.”

But Obama saved his largest criticism for the Justice Department. The DOJ dropped the charges against Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who briefly served as National Security Advisor for President Trump.

Obama used these as a jumping-off point, saying he would be taking a more direct role in the election. But let’s take a look at each of his major claims.

Obama’s Agenda, Part 2: Stoke Coronavirus Fears

Obama took aim at President Trump’s America-focused response to the COVID-19 crisis.  “What we’re fighting against is these long-term trends in which being selfish, being tribal, being divided, and seeing others as an enemy — that has become a stronger impulse in American life. And by the way, we’re seeing that internationally as well,” he said.

“It’s part of the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anemic and spotty. It would have been bad even with the best of governments. It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset — of ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘to heck with everybody else’ — when that mindset is operationalized in our government.”

The REAL Coronavirus Response

Those remarks sound damning. However, they ignore the truth about how President Trump reacted with urgency and accuracy. They also leave out what top Democrats were doing while the President took action.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany destroyed Obama’s remarks when she said, “President Trump’s coronavirus response has been unprecedented and saved American lives. While Democrats were pursuing a sham witch hunt against President Trump, President Trump was shutting down travel from China.

“While Democrats encouraged mass gatherings, President Trump was deploying PPE, ventilators, and testing across the country.”

Obama’s Agenda, Part 3: Imply Legal Favoritism

The former president made ominous accusations about the dismissal of charges against Flynn. “The news over the last 24 hours I think has been somewhat downplayed — about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn,” he told theObama Alumni Association.

And the fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”

Phrased just so, it sounds like the legal process is at-risk due to political, even Executive, meddling. He insinuated that because Flynn, convicted of a serious crime, was getting off “scot-free”, we are on the road to disaster.

The REAL Flynn Story

However, Obama, who touted understanding of the law, purposefully misspoke. Flynn was not convicted of perjury. On the contrary, as part of a plea bargain, Flynn plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI. That is a very distinct difference.

Even Special Counsel Robert Mueller said in his report that Flynn should receive little to no jail time and that he deserves credit for accepting responsibility in a timely fashion and substantially assisting the government.”

Then there is the issue of overreach during the Mueller investigation. As the Justice Department’s federal filing noted, FBI agents did not have a justifiable reason to question National Security Advisor Flynn about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in the first place.

In other words, they pushed ahead with questions they had no right to ask, and then filed charges when someone above their pay grade didn’t give them information they weren’t entitled to at all.

Obama’s Agenda, Part 4: Jumping In

The ex-President used these as reasons for his re-entry into the political arena. “That’s why, I, by the way, am going to be spending as much time as necessary and campaigning as hard as I can for Joe Biden,” he said.

“So I am hoping that all of you feel the same sense of urgency that I do. Whenever I campaign, I’ve always said, ‘Ah, this is the most important election.’ Especially obviously when I was on the ballot, that always feels like it’s the most important election. This one — I’m not on the ballot — but I am pretty darn invested. We got to make this happen.”

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden
Will Sexual Assault Claims Destroy Joe Biden’s Presidential Bid?

Democrats in Panic Mode

Yet the truth of Obama’s agenda is not really shaped by any actions of the Trump Administration. Rather it is a form of damage control made necessary by former Vice President Biden’s own current status, public gaffes, and now, sexual assault allegations. A perfect storm of historic proportions threatens the possibility of Biden victory in November.

The coronavirus lockdown has the ex-VP sitting on the sidelines, instead of campaigning. He gives speeches online in a desperate bid to stay relevant. Yet unlike President Trump, he doesn’t have any actual authority or responsibility. Right now, all he has are empty words.

Perhaps keeping Biden off the campaign trail and the debate stage is a blessing in disguise for the Dems. In speeches, he regularly loses his train of thought, going off on rambling tangents that make no sense.

Finally, there are the disturbing sexual assault allegations made by former staffer Tara Reade. Her story is credible enough that there is currently an official police investigation underway. It looks bad for Biden, because witnesses and court records show that Reade first mentioned the situation decades ago. This isn’t a too-convenient-to-be-true claim right before the election.

The real truth of Obama’s agenda seems to be saving the Democrat Party. He is trying to shift the focus away from the fact that once again, the Left is backing the wrong candidate.


  1. That POS needs to be in Gitmo now. He was not a legal president and we all know it. So get his ass out of here now.

    • The virus in our country is Barack Hussein Obama who will never leave the stage. He bought a house a few blocks from the White House and probably has wires from his home into the White House. He spent his days in the White House spying and listening to the media, to Congress, to the FBI, to the CIA; all government agencies. He accomplished NOTHING and is a dirty coward, jealous of our great president. Send him back to his home country of Kenya. His brother Malik stated he was born in Kenya which makes Obama a non president. And let him take his friend, Hillary “murderer” Clinton with him. Both killed the 4 men in Benghazi by not sending help on purpose. Obama is the “Muslim Brotherhood”.

  2. If you want the country to continue it’s economic recovery, you vote for Trump. If you want more of the same that you had with eight long non-productive years of the Obama regime, the most corrupt in USA history, you vote for Biden or whomever they ultimately pick as their candidate. It’s as simple as that!

  3. Why hasn’t obama been arrested yet? He was a waste in office and he is a waste as a human being. He did DAMAGE to America… nothing good and it is time for him too be jailed or HUNG!

    • I like your second chance that’s what that parasite deserves and yet the scum is free and still trying to bring down AMERICA AND WE CAN NOT LET THAT HAPPEN AND THE UGLY UGLY DRUNK BOTOX SKANK PELOSI SHOULD ALSO BE HUNG THAT SCUM IS A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY

  4. President Trump needs to give Barack Obama something else to think about, like having the Justice Department investigate and indict him for his part in the 2016 Election Conspiracy.

  5. If Obama and all of his Former Corrupt Adminstration waas in Jail for Treason they would be no leaked Phone calls or Him running his mouth and Joe Biden running for Office either such Corrupt Democrats in Office of Congress too and they need to be Arrested too for their illegal impeachment too

  6. OK … if you have all this crap about Obama then why isn’t he in court or even jail . Your starting to sound like CNN crying about crap that has no meaning . Sounds like your just trying to rattle up people like CNN and the other fake news dtstions do for the delusional democrats . It gets old hearing how we got this or that about someone and it never has proof to back up these story’s . What happened to the so called news stations . They used to report real news , but now it’s just BS story’s . Stop that … we don’t belive you lies anymore

  7. Americans ( the legal citizens, contrary to obummer) : obummer apparently wants attention as continuing to act as a “destructor”. we conservatives will give him the attention to cause his indictment and prosecution for “inciting and conspiracy to overthrow the government of the USA”, a severe punishment for that. Try any desert island, no cell-phone traffic, out of any ship traffic or trade routes. GITMO would work.
    For ANY felony, he loses all pensions and govt benefits, no more bennies to moochelle, and obummer and moochelle lose Secret Service protection. THAT would be his only “legacy”, ushered-out, a real boot in those pants, as so-deserved. BEGONE satan !

  8. The ever growing New Socialistic Demoncrat Party Anti-American Agenda Must be of Great Concern to any and all true Americans !!!! They are spreading lies, misinformation as fake news,having bought and paid for the news reporting on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and others, they are intimately involved in the current ANTIFA movement, which MUST be Stopped being supported by George Soros and his both foreign and domestic henchmen, money from all over the world and within America is pouring into their Agenda of Destruction !!! Our America is being bought and paid for !!! They are doing an excellent job of furthering their Evil Agenda !!!
    The Republican (Lackey) Party is doing far to little in response to stopping any, much less all of this !!! The Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice MUST bring charges upon the likes of Obama, The Clinton Klan for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Bengazy and the Uranium One deal with Russia and More , Dizzy Pelizzy, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, George Soros Must be Deported as he was from his home country Hungary and sadly there are many others to be Prosecuted for their Treason Upon Our Rule Of Laws, Our National and Personal Security, Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights and Our America !!! If the new Socialist party is allowed to continue furthering their evil agenda they will win and “We The People” will lose our America !!!! No Guts, No America !!!!!
    Wake Up America and be Very, Very, Very careful for what and for who you vote for !!! Voting across party lines is viable in today’s Anti-American Political Environment !!!! Our Freedoms, Our Constitution and Our America is in the Coming Elections !!!! Ask specific questions about future elected city, state and federal level candidates as to where they stand on issues that concern Americas future !! I agree there are candidates on both sides of the isle Demoncrats and Republican RINO’s (Republicans In name Only) who Must be Challenged !! Now Is Our Time To Fight Back For The True America Way!!!

  9. did ill.take his and moooooschell law license from them,so why would you want him to a judge of any thing,not even a horse race.just what it is going to take for him to realize he is not president any more and really never show have been he is a muslim that hates america.

  10. ‘Scot free’!!!!! That’s the N-word to Scotsmen and Scotswomen!!!!!
    Obama is a virtue signalling bigot.
    I demand an apology!!!!!
    Who is he to attack the culture of Scotland?????
    Not only that, but he implies that Flynn got let go from a legit beef due to Trump meddling, when in fact, Flynn was railroaded BY BARACK OBAMA with an FBI perjury trap. He needs to share a cell with the FBI who did this including the maniac STROK.


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