Leaked: Michael Cohen and Chris Cuomo Scandal Exposed in HUGE Way


Fox News host Tucker Carlson dropped a damaging bombshell last September when he revealed a grotesque private audio clip that showed CNN’s Chris Cuomo discussing some of the sexual harassment claims that had been made against him.

The audio tape appears to show Chris Cuomo talking to Michael Cohen, who is now known as the former friend and attorney to Donald Trump during his pre-presidential days. 

“You know, I have to say that I am always careful when talking to the media,” Cuomo began. “Do you know just how many f****ing calls I’ve gotten from people working at ABC saying that different reporters keep calling and lying about different things they’ve heard about me in an attempt to get stories about me from my days at ABC?” Cuomo is heard saying on the recording. 

“Guys were calling and saying, ‘I heard that people thought he was kind of like ABC’s answer to Charlie Rose. He would invite women to a hotel and then he would open up his bathrobe.’ Do I look like some kind of f****ing guy who has to do that?” Cuomo said. 

However, despite all of the braggadocio of Cuomo, Cohen seems to appear nonplussed on the audio tape. 

“Sure, why not?” Cohen replies. 

Suddenly I’ve got Damn Yankees or one of those other 80s hair bands playing through my head, but I digress…

Of course, when Carlson discussed the tape, he mocked the two over their conversation. It almost seemed like fourth grade banter at the lunch table, but again, I digress.

Carlson noted that Cuomo was dismissive of these alleged sexual harassment accusations even though the “#MeToo” movement is in full force in this country. Apparently for these guys that only counts when it’s members of the GOP, but I digress yet again. 

“There was a lot of women who worked there who were saying, ‘Well yeah, you know, a few of these men’ and they were naming me with some of the other guys! They said, ‘You know, I saw him in the elevator, and he put his hand on my shoulder, and it made me very uncomfortable.’ They said,” Cuomo continued recounting that recording. 

“I’m always, always careful with the media,” he added. “I’ve always told you, Cohen, the media is NOT your friend.” 

Cohen said that he was surprised and angry that Tucker Carlson was somehow able to obtain these recordings. “The only people who are supposed to be in possession of these tapes would be me, the Department of Justice, @POTUS, and the Trump organization. I didn’t give anyone else this recording, nor did I give authorization for it to be used with @FoxNews or anyone else,” Cohen tweeted. 

“The @POTUS and his cronies violated my First Amendment rights all just to discredit me and my book,” he said. “What’s next?” 

Of course, I guess Cohen subscribes to the policy not to let a good scandal go to waste. What do YOU think about these wild tapes between Cohen and Cuomo?


  1. All I can say is ?. I’d have to say either one of these two Cuomo, or Cohen leaked them. They can’t stand being out of the spotlight.

  2. So now that the corruption was exposed , what happens now ??? Nothing , that’s what . They never go to jail for their crimes . so what’s the point in posting about the delusional democrats crimes . Come back when you got the ending of this story and their sent to jail … OK . It looks like you just trying to sell a story with these posts


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